Krikor Jabotian SS14

on Sep 12, 2014

This collection from Krikor Jabotian is gorgeous beyond words. Each dress exudes royalty and elegance. Which one is your favorite?

I also loved this bit from the site:

"A light shining from afar illuminated the dark waters of Lake Van. Every night he swam towards the light that shined devotedly for him. Her faint silhouette appeared. There she was, Princess Tamar awaiting him. Never forsaking their love, the princess directed him every night. But the night the princess’ father discovered their secret love was the night that the light was destroyed. In the cold and eerie waters he was left with no guide. The black oblivion engulfed him and in complete emptiness he called her name, his body washed ashore and the words "Akh, Tamar" (Oh, Tamar) frozen on his lips."

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Todays Clippings from Issuu

on Sep 5, 2014

Are you guys using the new clipping feature on Issuu? I am having so much fun being able to clip images from some of my favorite online magazines. I have been wanting a feature like this for awhile now so its so great to see it in action. Being able to pin images right to my pinterest board is a huge time saver. Here are some I did today from Magazines like Elle Decor, Magnolia Rouge, and Matchbook.

Click on Images for Source

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Ellie Lane Custom Designed Pillows

on Sep 3, 2014

I started my very own shop called Ellie Lane about a month ago. I sell home decor including vintage housewares, pillows, and art prints. I am especially excited to share these pillows with you because all the patterns are designed by me. :) I was able to get them all printed by the fabulous These are all sewed by me as well in a 16x16 size. Custom sizes are available!

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

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Captivating Artists: Zaria Forman

on Aug 15, 2014

I just came across the work of Zaria Forman from Steller and I am utterly inspired and fascinated by the beauty of her art. There is something so lovely about the feel of her paintings. I naturally gravitate to the beauty of the waves and she captures it so wonderfully. I need one of her pieces in my life.

All Images from Zaria Forman

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Seal Rock Beach to Florence

on Jun 9, 2014

Last week I showed you some photos from our weekend trip to Newport, Oregon. Instead of driving straight back to Bend we went south on Highway 101 to Florence to get some coastal scenery. We first stopped at Seal Beach which was really beautiful. We got really lucky with the sunshine and warm weather.

We continued on and took a little detour drive up to Cape Perpetua Lookout and it was well worth it. We felt like we were above the clouds and the views were really gorgeous.

We decided to stop for lunch in Florence before we headed back home. We ended up having seafood with a view of the water. It was fun to explore this cute little coastal town.

Overall we had a successful weekend. It was so nice to be close to the ocean again. :)

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Recent Top Wedding Pins

on Jun 5, 2014

Even though I am already married I love coming across gorgeous photos and ideas for weddings. It is such a beautiful moment to capture and the dresses, florals, and decorations are just so darn pretty! Here are some of the most popular pins from my wedding board yesterday. Enjoy!

Photogrpahy by:
1. Laura Murray Photography
2. Taylor Lord
3. Natasja Kremers

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Newport Oregon

on Jun 1, 2014

Last Saturday I woke up and felt this sudden urge to see the ocean. We have been in Bend, Oregon for about 7 months and so its been hard adjusting living so far away from the beach. When we lived on Maui we were surrounded by the ocean and often times took it for granted. I looked at the weather for Newport and it it said it was going to be sunny so we booked a room at a Bed and Breakfast.

We stayed at a beautiful three story Victorian home right across from the ocean and walking distance to the cutest part of Newport.

After we checked in we went straight to the water and took some photos. The beach is so large and it was such a beautiful day which is lucky for the Oregon Coast.

We decided to drive down to the Historic Bay Front in Newport for some seafood dinner.

The next morning we drove over the Yaquina Bay Bridge and headed out to Florence. I will be creating a new post for our road trip from Newport and Florence soon. You can see more photos on the steller app too! Follow me @lovelyclusters. :)

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White Ranunculus

on May 22, 2014

I picked up these beautiful white ranunculus from Trader Joes and I loved having them on my dining table with my artwork in the background.

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