• Featuring: Sheer Addiction Jewelry

    Have you checked out the beautiful work of Sheer Addiction Jewelry? I am particularly fond of their gorgeous handmade necklaces. They have such a romantic feel to them and each piece has a description on the type of girl the jewelry is for. Love that idea.

    Here is some more info from their about page: 

    “People connect and respond to handmade things in a different, deeper way. I seek out pieces with a soul and history, and I love layering on my own point of view.”
      - Tamara Schafhauser, Sheer Addiction Jewelry

    From the centuries-old flea markets of Paris and Belgium to New York’s most hidden basement bead houses — Sheer Addiction Jewelry sources unique chains, brass stampings, crystals, pendants, stones, and charms to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that can be layered to create a look that is truly yours.

    Love this video they made too!

    See more HERE>>

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