• Beach House Dining Room by Mabley Handler

    I really loved reading about the process of this beautiful dining room from Mabley Handler Interior Design.

    "When you look at dining rooms, they are usually the darkest, most formal and often the least-used room in the house. We wanted our dining room to be bold and fresh, fun and enticing. We wanted to design a dining room that would draw you in to entertain in it, rather than feel like a museum room that says "Keep out."

    I agree that a dining room should feel this way too! What do you think?

    Design and Image from Mabley Handler Interior Design

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    3 comments → Beach House Dining Room by Mabley Handler

    1. I love how fresh it looks! The colors do well for the design as well! I can feel a redesign for our dining room coming about. :)

    2. The colour scheme of this is so so beautiful! That light teal-y blue colour is by far my favourite colour in the world, this entire room just looks like a dream to me :)


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