• Krikor Jabotian SS14

    This collection from Krikor Jabotian is gorgeous beyond words. Each dress exudes royalty and elegance. Which one is your favorite?

    I also loved this bit from the site:

    "A light shining from afar illuminated the dark waters of Lake Van. Every night he swam towards the light that shined devotedly for him. Her faint silhouette appeared. There she was, Princess Tamar awaiting him. Never forsaking their love, the princess directed him every night. But the night the princess’ father discovered their secret love was the night that the light was destroyed. In the cold and eerie waters he was left with no guide. The black oblivion engulfed him and in complete emptiness he called her name, his body washed ashore and the words "Akh, Tamar" (Oh, Tamar) frozen on his lips."

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    3 comments → Krikor Jabotian SS14

    1. These gowns are beyond words! To wear one must take you to a place that only exists in your imagination!

    2. Thank you for introducing me to Krikor Jabotian, I've never heard of this designer but I just pinned about 20 of his designs.

    3. They're all lovely but I love the first one!

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