• Seal Rock Beach to Florence

    Last week I showed you some photos from our weekend trip to Newport, Oregon. Instead of driving straight back to Bend we went south on Highway 101 to Florence to get some coastal scenery. We first stopped at Seal Beach which was really beautiful. We got really lucky with the sunshine and warm weather.

    We continued on and took a little detour drive up to Cape Perpetua Lookout and it was well worth it. We felt like we were above the clouds and the views were really gorgeous.

    We decided to stop for lunch in Florence before we headed back home. We ended up having seafood with a view of the water. It was fun to explore this cute little coastal town.

    Overall we had a successful weekend. It was so nice to be close to the ocean again. :)

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    1. Gorgeous photos.....Looks like the New England coast...Pacific Northwest is amazing ....It offers charm wherever u go...any season!! So glad u guys get to experience it all,,,~~~ Aloha!!!

    2. This is so pretty! I've got a soft spot for small towns, maybe because I grew up in one, and keep trying to convince my husband to start doing weekend getaways to different ones in the country. He doesn't see the appeal but I think it sounds so fun and, as a small town girl, I know the food would be pretty amazing, if not altogether healthy. :)

    3. How beautiful pictures! My dream is to visit Florence but don't know when will have the ability to do that.
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    4. Ohh, love your photos Rachel!

    5. Lovely photos! They bring back memories of our recent trip up the 101 through CA, OR, and WA. I wish I had asked you for a few ideas of where to visit :) Take Care

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