• Deadpoint Falls Hood River Oregon

    Over the past weekend my husband and I took a little trip to Hood River for the Rally America.  You may have seen some of my photos over on instagram if you follow me there. Before we left I came across a really cool waterfall on Pinterest so I decided to look up where it was. I noticed it was located on the way home from Hood River so we made a point to stop on the way back. I am wanting to learn more about taking photos of water and really love the look of smooth water. I haven't quite mastered it but I am getting better. The trick is having a low fstop and low ISO and having a tripod is very useful. It is also better to take the photo in the morning or evening when there is less sunlight.

    The location of Deadpoint Falls is just outside the town of Hood River. You can park pretty close by and there is a short walk.

    We ended up parking right before the bridge.  

    The path is narrow and along a cliff so I was being extra careful.

    I don't recommend taking the stairs down.

    There is such a magical feeling when you get to the waterfall. The sheer sound and the misty air is invigorating.

    It must be nice to live in this house and fall asleep to a waterfall every night. Sigh.

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    4 comments → Deadpoint Falls Hood River Oregon

    1. Beautiful scenery.

    2. incredible! i love your photos, thanks for sharing :)

    3. incredible! i love your photos, thanks for sharing :)

    4. Beautiful photos! You did a really great job capturing the falling water. It looks almost dreamlike!

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