• Paulina Falls Trail

    My husband and I went on an interesting adventure yesterday. We thought we would be able to drive up to Paulina Falls but unfortunately the road is closed during Spring and Fall. We knew there was a trail that we could take and park before the roadblock so we ended up doing that.

    You can see on the map if the main road was open you could drive right up to the falls but since it was closed we started at the parking lot on the left and walked alongside of the river. Unfortunately you don't really see the river until you get to the falls.

    For the first part of the trail it mostly looked like this. It is mainly for four wheelers so it's a bit muddy and rough.

    There was awhile there where it felt like the trail would never end.

    As we got higher up there was only snow to trek through which slowed us down. My husband brought his homemade mead in a hydraflask that kept it nice and warm. When we took breaks we sipped on that and it definitely went well with the hike. :)

    We were so happy to see a different landmark and now we knew we were close to the falls. As you can see nothing is plowed so it was a bit unnerving walking on 2ft of snow along a cliff.

    When we got to the falls it was definitely rewarding. It was such a beautiful day and the beauty and sound of the falls were just what we needed.

    Since we were already so close to the lake we decided to walk to it and check out the Paulina Lodge.

    We sat on the pier and drank more mead and took in the scenery. We went on a Monday afternoon and did not see one single person for the whole four hours of our journey.

    It was quite peaceful but also a bit eerie especially when we got in the lodge area. Maybe I watch too many zombie shows but I definitely felt like we were in a Zombie Apocalypse.

    I fell in love with this old truck with the blue bird and snowy mountain in the background.

    We decided to take the road back instead of trekking through snow again. There were no cars so we had the whole road to ourselves. Overall we had such a fun day and it definitely was an adventure. It will be interesting to see how it is in the summertime when the snow is melted and people are around.

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    1. it looks amazing there! and your pictures are perfect

    2. Sounds like a really nice trip! My favourite picture is the one with the bird.
      And I just started my blog, maybe you could give it a look? :)


    3. Beautiful scenery.

    4. So pretty! I love the little stream in the last photo.

    5. Nice collection,

      Thank you, have a great day

    6. Wow. Awesome place!

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