• Living in Bend, Oregon

    A few days ago my husband and I drove out to the Tumalo Reservoir. We are looking to buy a house somewhere around Bend, Oregon and so we like to drive around and check out neighborhoods. I really like this area as it is still hilly and green and the views of the snowy mountains are beautiful.

    If you are not familiar with Bend it is a lovely town in Central Oregon. It is high desert so it is usually sunny (more so than most places in Oregon) and it gets chilly at night. There are a lot of juniper trees and ponderosa pines. You can almost always see at least one snowy mountain in most of the places around here. The downtown is really cute with greats shops and restaurants. It was one of the things that sold us. It also has several breweries and great places to walk to.

    The Deschutes River runs through the town which also makes this place so beautiful. Mt. Bachelor which is a great place to go skiing or snowboarding is about a 20 minute drive from Bend. You can see on the map that we are on the border of the forest and dry desert so we get the beautiful views of the mountains but not as much rain. 

    Overall we really like it here. It is nice to be closer to my husband's family and our friends in Portland which is about a 3 hour drive from Bend. Of course we miss the warmer tropical climate and beautiful beaches and ocean on Maui but living on an island is very limiting and expensive if you want to purchase a home. Its nice to be in a new location and exploring different places. :)

    Have you ever been to Bend, Oregon? What do you think? 

    All photos by Rachel Follett

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    6 comments → Living in Bend, Oregon

    1. This place looks really beautiful! I would love to live near the mountains.

    2. beautiful nature, beautiful pictures :)

    3. My brother lives in Ashland ( about 10 miles north of the California border) and I love visiting. Oregon is really beautiful. If you get a chance, drive down to Crater Lake. I haven't been to Bend but you're inspiring me with your description!

    4. Thank you!

    5. Ashland is beautiful and I also love Crater Lake! I haven't been since I was a kid. Thinking about going this weekend if the weather is nice. :) I am glad I have inspired you. You should definitely check Bend out. :)

    6. It sounds like a wonderful place to live and the mountains are breathtaking. Change is good! I hope you'll find a house you love soon.

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