• DIY: Four Leaf Clover Boot Cuff

    I have wanted to make boot cuffs for awhile now and I thought for the spirit of St Patricks Day I would make one with a clover on it! If you have a basic understanding of sewing by hand than this will be really easy for you to make. 

    You will need:
    • Scissors
    • Buttons (I chose ones with one hole in the back)
    • Green Felt 
    • Green Thread
    • Needle
    • Old Sweater
    • Sharpie 
    Step 1: Try on the arm part of the sweater over your pants to make sure they fit properly and mark where you want to cut them.
    Step 2: Cut off the desired length. If you live in a colder place you may want more fabric.

    Step 3: Use a sharpie if you aren't comfortable just cutting out a clover and draw four hearts. Place the felt against the cuff to get an idea of how big you want your clover to be. I made mine around 1".
    Step 4: Hand sew your buttons on the clovers. I did mine this way so if I want to unthread the clover it is easier to do.

    Step 5: Make sure you place a clover for the left side and the right side. I wanted to keep the seem of the cuff centered on the back of my leg when they are on.
    Step 6: Sew your clover on to the cuff.

    When your done you should have something like this!  I think these came out super cute. Cant wait to wear them! :)

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    5 comments → DIY: Four Leaf Clover Boot Cuff

    1. wow that's so cool! I have to try that out :)

    2. Awww! That is soooo cute!

    3. Great idea Very nice

    4. What an original idea! Warm cozy socks under serious boots! It seems to me with a skirt this image will also look original.

    5. Lovely.. Thank you so much for sharing the each steps. I will surely try this out.
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