• Bend Oregon - Deschutes River

    All photos by me. :) 

    This is one of my favorite places in Bend and I feel fortunate that I get to walk along this beautiful river anytime I want. These photos were actually taken a few weeks after we moved here. It was our first snowfall in Bend and I remember how excited we were.

    Today I realized I hadn't shared these photos on the blog yet and I wanted to get them up before Spring. As much as the snow has been really fun for us I am ready for the next season.

    Are you ready for Spring?

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    3 comments → Bend Oregon - Deschutes River

    1. Hi Rachel! I'm so happy you came by my blog, as it led me to yours! These photos are beautiful, but yes I am so sooo ready for Spring! This winter has been brutal! Stay warm!

    2. Thank you so much Victoria! Your blog is beautiful!

    3. Great photos!

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