• Umba & Ipsy Subscription Boxes

    A few weeks back I decided to sign up to a few monthly subscription packages. I know I wanted to do one handmade and one with makeup. For the handmade subscription I ended up going with Umba. Its a little pricey if you do it month to month so I decided to do 6 months with free shipping which cut the costs by quite a lot. I really liked the idea of receiving a surprise package each month with some handmade goodies. This month I received Lavender soap from Noon Designs which smells so freaking good. It also came with a sweet soap dish with a hummingbird on it and its made by Source & Tradition. These are going to look really sweet in my guest bathroom. The third item was a sea salt brownie shaped in a heart (not shown) from Sinfully Delicious in which I gave to my husband for Valentines Day. He was kind enough to share some with me and it was amazingly delicious. :)

    My second subscription package is from Ipsy. Its only $10 a month and you get quite a lot for your money. The picture shows just a few products from the bag. I am really loving the color of the nail polish. I dont think I would normally get this color but now that I have it I am definitely digging it. I also really like the blush. Its very pink but it goes on well. I only have to apply once and it gives me pretty good coverage. The lipgloss is very hot pink by itself but I applied it over my red/burgundy lipstick and it made it a better color on me. It also came with eyelashes which I might save for a big event as I don't normally where lashes and a face mask which I need to still try out.

    So those are my two subscriptions for now. What do you think? Do you have any subscriptions that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments!

    I will be posting what I get each month to my instagram. If you are interested in seeing them check out my instagram HERE>>

    Photos by me. :) 

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    1. I can't find anything about the umba box on their website (other than in the faq). Are they still doing subscription boxes?

    2. Hi Martha. It looks like they just took it down. Hopefully it will be back up.

    3. Nice!! I just recently got my first from Birchbox. Not bad- going to review the products soon on my blog. I also just signed up for Glossybox. But won't get my first box til the end of March. But I heard from a friend the products are really great. Would love to subscribe for a handmade version. Will look into Umba. Thanks for posting!

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