• Pinterest Board: Nature - By The Lake

    All Images can be found on my "Nature" board HERE.

    Happy Monday! Thank you for all who voted for which type of posts you would like to see more of. It really helped me decide which posts to start doing. Here is the new schedule. Lets see if I can keep up with it. :)

    Monday: Pinterest Pins
    Tuesday: Top 5 Products
    Wednesday: DIY
    Thursday: Featured Seller/Blogger
    Friday: Color Inspiration

    Any suggestions for clever names? These sound a little boring but maybe I should make it to the point?

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    6 comments → Pinterest Board: Nature - By The Lake

    1. I love these pretty pins! I also love this schedule and may adapt it somehow into my blogging! Excited to see more :)

    2. Thank you LRC! :)

    3. Wow. These photos are really stunning. Gorgeous, serene, peaceful.

    4. Such pretty, serene photos! Makes me in need of a woodland weekend at a lake soon!

    5. Yes, to Pinterest pins! This board is so gorgeous. I find myself constantly drooling over your pins!

      xx Erin

    6. Wow ...! the photos are very beautiful. I guess it is a painting, but it turns out I was wrong estimates

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