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    I was pretty excited to check out Venice. I had this idea in my head of what it was going to be like. Parts of it were definitely what I had imagined and other parts not so much. It was fun at first to get lost but I was pretty much over it by the second day. The amount of tourists was overwhelming and at that point I was ready for the ocean and country. I am not much of a big city girl but I am so glad that I checked this amazing place out. I probably took the most pictures in this city as there was so much beauty around. Here are some of my favorite photos that I took. :) 

    All Images by me. See them on my instagram @lovelyclusters

    Have you been to Venice? What do you think of it?

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    1. Venice is amazing!!! you have great pictures!!I should go there soon:)
      kisses from Milano

    2. Hi Rachel! Well, I live near Venice (just half an hour by train) and I love it! It's a fantastic place,full of beauty...you can visit it thousand times and be amazed every single time...
      Hugs from Italy!

    3. He soñado con esta ciudad. Gracias por compartir. Quiero invitarte a conocer un poco de mi país en estas increibles fotografias, muevete a verlas, valen la pena. Besos y besos.

    4. These are gorgeous, Rachel! I've visited Venice twice -- the first time with my Latin class in high school (and man, in those days, you can go anywhere and everything is shiny and pretty!), and then later in college with my parents. I remember the shops, and the market, and the square .. and that a friend got proposed to by a gondola driver :D Not that I was disappointed by my visits, more like I didn't have expectations -- but the beauty you've captured here makes me feel lucky I went, even if this totally isn't how I remember Venice :D!

    5. I love Venice! Nice pictures <3

    6. There's nothing like the Piazza San Marco! I went 14 years ago on a trip with just m dad and I (so glad we made that trip as he passed away this past January) and I was 5 months pregnant and believe the food I ate is the reason i have such a healthy son! The pasta was to die for!

    7. Beautiful photos. Venice is such a dreamy city. I love the quality of the light at different times of the day. The water, the gondolas, the weathered architecture. So magical..

    8. Gorgeous shots! I have been once a very long time ago and loved it, though it was a very brief look. I have seen all the flooding on tv where people are wadding through thigh high water. It looks terrible!
      I would love to go back :)

    9. yes i've been to Venice before and it was breathtakingly beautiful.in fact my favorite city so far.

    10. you're killing me..


    11. LOVE Venice. It's one of those places in the world where you can feel time-travelling is possible... :)

    12. lovely photographs....I wish I had good memories of Venice. My fiance broke up with me there and it rained the whole time and the smell was bad. Your photos though made me think maybe I hsould go back. It has been 20 years since I was last there. I have a wonderful husband now and this time it might be as beautiful as your photographs.

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