• Guest Post: Venice, a city full of Wonders!

    Venice, Italy is a city full of wonders! From the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, to San Marco’s Square, to the gondolas and water taxies, one is sure to be filled with splendor. You might think you need a map to find your way around, but a highlight of this particular city, is simply getting lost. Throw the maps away and get lost in the tight alleyways that you will soon know like the back of your hand. Everything runs to San Marco’s Square; so, like the North Star, it is the best landmark for orientation.

    Photo by Sarah Strader

    Venice is one of a few islands in the Venetian Lagoon. There are no cars on Venice, or industrial factories. Murano, one of the islands in the lagoon, is where all the famous glass is made. Tours happen almost every day where you can see how the glass is blown. There are plenty of places to eat and shop once you are done with the tour and don’t forget to see the glass museum before leaving the island! It is a fantastic walk through the history of glass on the island.

    Next you have Burano; a small fishing village that is best known for its fine, handmade, lace. It is also a great stop for photographers, because of all the colorful houses!

    Venice even has its own beach. So if you find yourself in the hot summer sun, take a water ride over to Lido Island for some Gelato and R and R.

    Something you might not know about Venice is that every February, the city holds its Carnival. (The festival that Mardi Gras is based off of and dates back to before the Renaissance.) Always before Lent, Carnival is full of drinking, debauchery, and merriment. It is a time when the city gets to really embrace its rich, and decadent, culture. During Carnival, the streets are awash with masked figures in elaborate costumes. These masks are a famous part of the tradition, and range from simple, to beautiful, to grotesque; they also fit any imagination, and any budget. Carnival is all about indulgence, and Venice knows how to do just that; indulge."

    - Sarah


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    1. Such a unique city. And so small-townish too.
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    2. oh i love venice!
      beautiful photos!
      magic everywhere!

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