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    Hi, I'm Caroline and when Rachel asked me for a blog post while she was away in Italy, I knew exactly what I would do. You see, I am a bit of a fan of Italy, so I thought I'd just share some photos from a trip to Lake Garda so we can all get insanely jealously and dream of getting some Italian sunshine and food, Oh the FOOD!

    Some of my Italian highlights include (in no particular order) Lemon Gelato, very fast/scary drivers who honk their horns all the time and whose cars are covered in dents and scratches, vast quantities of pasta, stylish people dressed in sunglasses and black, the local aperitif; Aperol Spritz, cobbled streets and ancient archways, stumbling across the most amazing views, olive groves and loads of different coloured houses everywhere!

    Hope you are having a fab time in Italy Rachel, I am very very jealous!

    - Caroline


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    1. Gorgeous! I always enjoying coming by here:)

    2. thanks for sharing...

    3. Lago di Garda is beautiful place!I have the posts of this place on my blog :)


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