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    Perhaps you've marveled at the intricacy of rolled paper designs in magazines, on book covers, and even Target gift cards in recent years. This centuries old technique is called paper quilling and has remarkably changed very little over time. One at a time, narrow strips of paper are coiled around a wire, needle, or quilling tool. The coils are allowed to relax, slipped off the tool, and pinched into various shapes that can be assembled in a myriad of ways.

    Yulia Brodskaya, Natasha Molotkova, and Lavanya Naidoo are known for their stylish quilled typography and expressive designs. This first piece was created by Yulia as part of a holiday ad campaign for Westfield Shopping Centre in London.

    Here are two lovely designs by Natasha.

    And a dreamlike state by Lavanya.

    I enjoy teaching others to quill via tutorials on my website, and also create custom designs for marriage certificates and ketubot. These are documents on which wedding vows or other text chosen by the couple is written in calligraphy, and a quilled motif is placed at the top and/or sides. The document is signed at the wedding and later framed as a reminder of the day. A quilled wedding invitation can also be displayed as a memento, and is often given as a wedding or first anniversary gift.

    Yulia Brodskaya - http://artyulia.com/
    Natasha Molotkova - http://www.papergraphic.co.uk/
    Lavanya Naidoo - http://www.behance.net/lavanya
    Ann Martin - http://www.allthingspaper.net/

    Calligraphy on chandelier and woodland certificates by Riva Brown of Living Letters Studio.

    - Ann

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    1. I've been a fan of paper quilling for years, and I've even given it a try a time or two. Thanks for sharing these wonderful designs. Cheers!
      Lori in Atlanta

    2. All of these are so lovely but I think my favorite is the "life". I would love to learn how to do this.

      Beautiful post...I'm so happy you guest posted for Rachel. You have a new fan :-)

    3. forever ahhh, nevermind! I miss read what you said. My fault, youre wanting those status messages synced up with your phones contacts so it displays it. Gotcha, yeah that would be cool, but I dont mind much to not have that (yet).

    4. Thanks so much Loris and mauishopgirl, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Rachel, thanks again for the opportunity to do a guest feature while you're away and I hope you're having a wonderful trip!

    5. These were all so beautiful. I have no patience for quilling, but I am always amazed at the creations that others create. Thank you for this post and all of the other post.

    6. Thanks Jackie, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures. Quilling does take a lot of patience, but I find it relaxing.

    7. Oh God, I'm in awe. This kind of art looks so eloquent and fragile, it's just beautiful.

    8. I've never heard of paper quilling until very recently. So elegant, so pretty...

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