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    Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to post on the Lovely Clusters blog. Since Rachel is in Italy I thought it would be so perfect to post about the gorgeous hotel Firenze or Home Florence Hotel. It is a nice and cozy villa in downtown Florence. Mostly white with gold and red accents it boasts a sophistication of utter complexity but pure simplicity.

    "Home Florence is located along the Arno River in the very heart of Florence historical center, close by the main tourist attractions of the city such as Basilica di Santa Croce, Ponte Vecchio, Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore and Uffizi Gallery. Every single corner of the hotel has been designed to preserve the elegant and refined atmosphere typical of a villa and to make guests feel like home. When arriving guests are welcomed with tasty homemade drinks and snacks served in the bright main hall. The mosaic floor is characterized by a golden rose, symbol of Home Florence. The stylish breakfast lounge is located just by the main hall, here homemade cakes and pastry are served every morning. The lounge is occupied by a long central table with high chairs. This is the place where from morning breakfast to the evening aperitifs guests can meet up and socialize. Just above breakfast lounge, up on the elegant loft, a pool table and comfortable armchairs are the perfect spot for a relaxing after dinner with friends."

    - Tara


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    1. How beautiful! Love the total white decor!


    2. I don't think there is a hotel in the US that could compare. Thanks for sharing!!

    3. It's beautlful..that last photo...what a view! I will be in Florence in 3 weeks, yahoo!

    4. Ooooohhhh this is right up my street looooove it ! White is my favourite ...

      Love Chrissi xo


    5. Wooow Nice Informations Admin
      The information you provide is very helpful to me :)
      Good luck to you

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    7. That hotel is very gorgeous! I wish I had a lot of money because I really want to go in those hotel with my family. Thank you for sharing this very nice information! Cheap hotel Florence

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