• Color Inspiration: Winter Purple Tones

    I came across this photo the other day and just fell in love with the mood and colors of it. I really like the transparent effect. Does anyone know if this is created with the camera or if its a photoshop trick? Would love to be able to do this with some of my photos as nicely.

    Photo by yulibow

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    1. gorgeous.
      -jocee <3

    2. looks like a double exposure....which if you're using a camera with film, is done when the pic is shot....but if it's a recent photo I'm guessing the effect is done in photoshop....:)

    3. I'm totally clueless, but it's a gorgeous photo!

    4. Gorgeous!

    5. Gorgeous colours! Lovely photo!

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    6. Delicious colors. They look good enough to eat!

    7. Delicious colors. They look good enough to eat. My bedroom walls are that deep maroon-y red color. Surprisingly, I have a faded, pale lime green set of curtains that open over bamboo shades. The curtain "rod" is a beautiful, thin tree branch. I know it sounds like unlikely color combos...but it is beautiful. I may add the other colors in your photo with pillows and vases. Thanks for another inspiring photo!

    8. I agree with Julia: double exposure, more likely. (You take a picture, rewind, take a different picture over the same spot of film.)

      I love it too! It has the softness of watercolors...

    9. If I had to guess, I would say it's a photoshop effect. You can achieve it in gimp as well. Stack two (this one looks like it might have 3 images on separate layers) images on top of each other on separate layers, add layer masks and you can blend out entire sections of each photo or blend the edges together. You can play with the opacity of each layer as well. I just did it for one of my posts.

    10. Since it's a recent photo, this was probably done in PhotoShop. Open the first photo, then copy and paste the second photo to get it on a second layer. Then play with the transparency and blending mode of the second layer until you get it how you like it. For either layer, you can make it more purple by adjusting the colour in the IMAGE menu.

      I took free PhotoShop lessons at The Lifetime Learning Centre here in St. Catharines, Ontario. Your local Board of Education or Parks and Recreation department may have free courses. If you are taking a course, you can buy the program for the student rate, which costs only about 1/4 of the regular price of PhotoShop. There is a free program called Gimp which does most of what PhotoShop does. Lovely blog!

    11. Colores Sensibles!

    12. Photoshop, smotoshop. :)

      Do a good ol'double exposure!

    13. Thanks for featuring my photo. If you're wondering how I got the double exposure, I scanned the negatives on top of each other, not photoshop.
      xx Yuli

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