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    I was recently asked to curate some of my favorite items from the beautiful shop Beehive Style from the owner Petra and the lovely Leigh from found now home. I chose this photo below as inspiration because I love the mood and feel of it. Since I don't get a real winter here on Maui I love to look at photos of snow and people dressed up for the cold. I think the colors are nice and calming with the desaturated blues and grays.

    Photo by monicalaura

    I would love to own all of the items. So beautiful!

    You can check out more about these items HERE>>

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    1. Gorgeous collection! And the photo is a lovely inspiration too :)

    2. such a cute pics:)


    3. I love your collection! Very well curated. :)

    4. Love your blog! So lovely!

    5. Rachel - Winter is as beautiful as it is difficult here in northern Illinois. There is NOTHING like the light of winter, beautiful bluish purple and soft pink overtones in the light. There are snowfalls and hoarfrost that transform the landscape into something magical. An ice storm can severely damage trees but it creates a scene where everything appears to be made of glass.

    6. These accessories are so pretty and would match that outfit so well, actually they would match any outfit well!! The top row of accessories are just amazing.

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