• Inspiring Spaces: Cotherstone

    When I first got into Interior Design about 10 years ago I tended to lean towards spaces that were very perfect looking. Color, balance, style, were all very harmonious but when I look at some of these interiors now I think they look too perfect and not as livable. When I was in college studying Interior Design I found that it is harder to create interior spaces that look effortlessly together. I have come to appreciate more room designs that have a lot of character and furniture and decor looks as if it took awhile to accumulate instead of buying everything at once.

    Currently I want to spend my time here. :)

    Images from Shootfactory

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    1. No wonder you spend all your time in this room it's just gorgeous!

      Bee happy x
      Have a delicious day!

    2. I find that I like spaces like this more too. They have more character and personality. I find that spaces like the ones pictured above can tell you more about a person and the things they enjoy then a store bought set of furniture and accessories.

    3. I think I know what you mean. I used to like "perfect" spaces, but then they felt kind of stale and too perfect. Now I'm drawn to the photos above, like you, because they just have more soul and they look more lived in. I also love that these days, individuality is more celebrated.

    4. I agree with you completely. If a space is too "perfect" it feels cold and alien to me. Maybe I'm just too cluttered a soul to live with such an perfection. I love things with character and obvious personality in them.

    5. This is what I like, as well...white or gray wooden floors, chandelier, second hand wood, the glass collection, the kitchen sink, a private terrace, fireplace, books all around, and a bit of a view....very comfy..

    6. Nice job you've done here. You make ordinary space a perfect one. I guess you know what I mean. This space was not the best before you transform it.

    7. This home has such a lovely, restful feel. I love the big wooden block on the bench in the kitchen, and all the glass bottles and glasses. Oh and the garden is so sweet, and, and, and!

    8. wow, that garden/little patio is just beautiful! So perfectly NOT perfect:)

    9. Beautiful! Love the kitchen x

    10. i understand what you say and feel the exact same way! that is why i often do not love some online interior styling magazines, because they often feature perfect rooms, with perfect colours, objects, everything really tidy and neat! i love small houses with a feel that someone actually lives there. and i love the way you mentioned the gathering objects part! that is it! i didn't know what it was until i read your words, i love that too! i find those homes with so much more character than all the other ones looking "perfect".

    11. To me, really tidy and neat homes seemed like places that housed people who were afriad to live. I love a more lived-in and collected look as well. And it is harder to pull off.

      Love your inspirations!


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