• Giveaway! September Wren Photography Set

    I am very excited to announce a special giveaway from the lovely photography shop September Wren!

    Meg is giving away this beautiful photography set which includes Sixteen 5x5 photographs You may choose this collection, or any sixteen 5x5 photos if you win.

    I love the way these images are curated. This would look so great on a large wall.

    September Wren

    Details to win!
    For Two Entries: Comment below telling us how you would display or place the photos in your home.
    For One Entry: Like September Wren on Facebook! See button below or go to http://www.facebook.com/septemberwrenphoto to like her page. (please mention in a comment that you have liked the page or it will not be counted)

    For One Entry: Click on the twitter button below this post to tweet this giveaway. (please mention in a comment that you have tweeted this post or it will not be counted)

    We will announce the winner next Wednesday so get your entries in soon! Thank you for entering and good luck!

    44 comments → Giveaway! September Wren Photography Set

    1. Gorgeous photography! The photo of the ice cream tubs on her site is so fun!

      I definitely liked her page on facebook as well = )


    2. Lovely. I have a nice empty spot in my hallway where they would fit perfectly!
      x Iris

    3. i love the beach one. That would definitely go in my office!

      xoxo Jessica @ www.mystylevita.com

    4. Ohh, those are so lovely!
      I'd no doubt put them together, on the other side of my room from my own 5x5's c:

    5. Beautiful pictures! I have a kitchen wall that would look great with a cluster of pictures like this!

    6. Followed on Facebook, and tweeted about it!

    7. Beautiful! I just moved into my house and they would look lovely on ANY of my blank walls

    8. Nice. I'd definitely put them in my cubical to be a window into a nice world :)

    9. Sooo lovely !

      Uhm. I still live with my parents so i dont have a lot of place but it could perfectly fit above my bed.

    10. ...and i liked tha page ;)

    11. Fantastic set ... I love it ...

      a big Like on Facebook.


      Pedro @ www.pedrocerqueira.com

    12. they look great:) i'll put them up by my desk:)

      i also liked her on facebook :)

    13. I started attending college this year so my younger sister has her own room now. My mum and I gave her room a major makeover and I've really been wanting to get her some wall art to bring everything together. These photos would be perfect for her room (decorated in light turquoise-y blues, with the photos with recurring colors (like the ones with pink in them) next to each other.

      Beautiful pictures!


    14. My roommate and I currently have a bare-bones living room with a giant empty spot that would look perfect with these vintage-inspired photos above our vintage (...hand-me-down ;) couch!

      Conversations between B and InterWebs

    15. I live these prints and they would look great in the hallway of my summer house that leads out to the bay.

    16. I love these prints-they would look perfect in the hallway of my summer house leading out to the bay.

    17. What fun and colorful prints! They instantly make you happy :) the lollipop one is brilliant! Another cool thing about them is there are so many choices of places to put them. The more soothing chic ones would be great in a spa/bathroom, and the brighter ones would go great in my daughters playroom.

    18. "liked" them on Facebook :)

    19. Gorgeous photography! I'd display photos above my sofa because my roommates and I are looking for some art work that would fit there! Or above this little table in the kitchen.

      I have also liked the Facebook page!

      Thanks for offering this giveaway!

    20. Beautiful! I have a kitchen wall that would look great with a cluster like this!

    21. So beautiful! I would framed them and placed them in the dining room wall. I definitely "like" September Wren's facebook page.

    22. Love the colors in these! I would love to display them in my studio!

    23. Beautiful! I have a blank wall going up our stairs that would look great with a collection of photos! :)

    24. I like September Wren on facebook!

    25. I liked September Wren on facebook :)

    26. I have a decorative wall in my apartment that has nothing on it yet. I would probably display the photo set using wire and clips for a lovely minimalist look :)

    27. Karina Manucharyan said... October 18, 2011 at 11:41 PM

      As for me, all these photos together symbolize a feeling of happiness. This is a kind of feeling when anyone may feel different while looking at them.. (that's why they are perfect for an apartment)
      Firstly I was looking trough *Lovely Clusters posts and saw the photos. I scrolled down and saw the photography set and thought that they are so well combined that I would like to have them as my desktop background (all together!). Then I saw it is a competition and decided to write you, because it would be much much better if I had them real, hanged on my wall! :))
      September Wren on facebook +

    28. I liked the facebook page.
      I would put them up in my uni room, where I have tons of different, beautiful photos already, I put some in series of rows or squares and some randomly dispersed around my room. It would look wonderful :)

    29. ..definitly in the kitchen. We present all the art from other artists in our kitchen (best energy).

    30. Wonderfulll...

    31. I liked it on facebook!

      I would for sure add the photographs to my growing gallery wall. It is where I display all of my favorite art pieces!

    32. What a great giveaway! I "liked" September Wren on Facebook and would love to be the recipient of her gorgeous collection of photos! We just moved to a tiny condo after living in a large home and her photos would brighten one one of our walls and become something special to me in our new home.

      Thanks so much for this!!! :)

    33. I would definitely display these beautiful photos in my bedroom wall, right above my dresser :)

    34. I just liked her page on Facebook :)

    35. Ok I just opened a twitter account just so I could say I tweeted this. I'm really excited about this giveaway.

      -bRob @ bstandsforballer.blogspot.com

    36. I tried to post a comment yesterday, but it looks like it didn't go through! So here it goes again!

      I liked the page on Facebook and I'm simply enamored of her work. How lovely! I'm in my second year of college, and purposely left the HUGE white expanse of wall next to my bed empty until I decided on the perfect display.

      Found it! :D I'd love to have these for my dorm room, and for my apartment next year. Keep up the fantastic work, September Wren!

    37. Wow, these photos are so inspirational to an amateur photographer!

      These remind me so much of home and I would definitely put them on a bare wall in my bedroom that desperately needs artwork!

      I go to school in Pennsylvania, but I'm from the San Fran Bay Area in California. These photos really take me back to the beaches and boardwalk of Santa Cruz. Makes me want to be home right now!

    38. These are beautiful! I would love a collection in our guest room!

    39. I have been searching for the perfect art to hang in my dining room and these photos/bright colours would definitely work perfectly.
      And yes I liked on Facebook too!

    40. Beautiful work! I would put these in my hallway near a set of shelves on the wall.
      I will tweet this giveaway

      -MondoMOM @ http://www.mondomom.com

    41. I would to tweet but I'm not a tweeter ... but I *liked* ya on FB! What a fun giveaway ....

    42. Lovely! I absolutely adore the cherries and the tulips! If I won, I would put them on my bare wall in my new apartment right next to my dining room table!

    43. I love the flower field. It would look absolutely serene in my room near my bookshelves.

      I definitely liked the facebook page. :)


    44. I would display the photos in my basement, a fun way to liven it up!