• Inspiration: Interior Design Boards

    Tomorrow I am putting a design board together for a Hospitality project that I am working on with the Interior Designer I work with. That is why I have been out of the office. Working long hours to meet a very tight deadline. Its been awhile since I put together such a large design board so I decided to look for some ideas and inspiration. Originally I was thinking I would just create a digital board but we got all of our fabric and wood samples in time so we are going the more crafty route. I like that the client will be able to see and touch all of the samples and it has a really professional look when done right.

    Here is a design board that was for a school project that I worked on with 3 other women. I really like how we used color paper in the background and the circle fabric samples!

    Here are some that I found online that I love. 

     (click on image for source)

    So what do you think? Do you prefer the digital route or the touch and feel material board?

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    1. I like a combination of both, digital to get all of the specs exact - and the materials to have a clear idea of what the room will feel like.

    2. Ooh lovely ! I love the pink one ! :)
      I prefer the touch and feel material board I guess

      x, Mri


    3. Your is gorgeous! I've never made one of these before but I love the second one as well. Such a great color combination.

    4. great inspiration.

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      Loved !!!
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    6. i like bedroom!

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    8. Love the first and second one...

      I think it is wiser to combine both,
      although I am leaning towards the touch and feel material board.

    9. I am a fan of the material board :)

    10. I love collages inspired in each version:)Both are stunning, but if I had to choose, I would prefer the material board:)
      lovely post! xx

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    13. Thanks so much for the creative and fresh ideas! Keep on posting!

    14. This is a great idea! Indeed, interior design boards can serve as effective sources of inspiration for homeowners who want to make their houses look more aesthetic.

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