• Oahu Second Hand Shopping Trip!

    Im back from Oahu and I am happy to say I think I was pretty good about taking photos. My mom and our friend Larissa were doing the shopping mostly so I got to focus on picture taking. :) It was fun to visit some new stores that we had never been to. Maui is pretty limited on second hand shops so we were like kids in a candy store. I think overall we visited around 10 shops. These two I thought were the cutest.

    The Shops

    The Girls
    Can you tell we are having fun?

    The Goods
    These were just some of the finds that my mom got for her shop. Larissa and I had fun styling and photographing them. My mom made out like a bandit.

    China Town
    We got to explore China Town which was pretty fun. It was nice to be in a city for a few days. Overall the trip was a successful one!

    All photos by me. :)

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    1. Great photos! It looks like it was such a fun time :) Love all the stuff you all picked out!

      xo, gina

    2. What a wonderful collection of memories!!
      I can tell that.... i am jealous about all the shopping!! x sandra

    3. wow i spotted a lot of goodies in these two shops!
      beautiful shots :)

    4. nice photos and nice stuff :)


    5. how fun! looks like you had a great time!

    6. You have very nice taste in fashion! I'm especially loving the first and third photo :)


    7. What fun. I love the clothes in these vintage stores very nice:)

    8. i don't know where you learnt to take photos like that, but i would love to get some tips! they're just wonderful :-)

    9. All the pictures are stunning and beautiful. Mostly I love all the outfits. They are really rocking.

    10. Love your blog and the vintage tint on your photos!

    11. Excellent... Beautiful pictures...

    12. These photos are so pretty! As commented above, I love the vintage tint to them. I was just wondering.. did you edit them that way, if so how? or was it some kind of sepia tone on your camera?

      If you could reply I'd be ever so greatful, as this has been inspiration for the photos of my blog ( http://mef-jadorelamode.blogspot.com/ )


    13. This is awesome...to see you back and the set on itself too. I will enjoy this very much.
      Second Hand Vans

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