• Mellow Monday: Chicks with Bicycles

    I sometimes wish I lived in a tiny village and I could just ride my bike everywhere instead of driving a car. Are you a chick who rides a bike? Do you have any photos of your bicycle? If so you should add them to our flickr group HERE>>

    See the entire Gallery HERE>>

    Happy Monday!

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    1. the idea of strolling around on a bike in the summer makes me feel happy somehow

    2. i looove my Bike! i go pretty much everywhere by bike nowadays, it's fun, fresh, (and if it's not too busy i sing along the way no one can hear me!!)

    3. it's terribly embarrassing, but not growing up with a bike I've only ever ridden once as a grown-up and was not very good ;( looove the idea though - hehe I should try it again one of these days...



    4. We just moved to Portland, OR, aka Bike Heaven. I've ridden my cruiser more in the past three weeks than in the past three years. I'm stoked!

    5. I just recently got my own bike, I never had one of my own as a child! This one is used but its mine!...I had to relearn how to ride it and how to brake of course!

      I am in heaven when my kid follows me around as I ride it...I added my picture to the flick group ;)

    6. Gah! I'm 21 and still do not know how to ride a bike! Now that I'm moving to a more bike-friendly area of Philadelphia, I hope that I can get around to learning- it'll save me so much $$ on public transit. These photos make me wish I was a bike rider!

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