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    I have been a little absent from blogging because it took us almost all week to move. We decided that we wanted to live in a newer place and go back to condo living. We rented an older home for about a year and it made us realize that we arent quite ready for the maintenance that an old home requires. Both of us work a lot and it always felt a bit big for just the two of us. Excited to be cleaning less and am loving how modern everything is in our new abode. It smells like a model home and I think our cat is liking it as well. 

    I just ordered some fun tree decals and I think once they are up I will post some photos of the new place. 

    So which would you prefer? An older home that needed a lot of work or a new condo/apartment? 

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    1. I love older homes with character and the workmanship of yesteryear ...as long as you have a new bathroom and kitchen!!...


    2. Congrats on moving into your new place. Will there be photos up of it soon ? I bet it looks great hey. I like small and cosy places instead of big massive places to live in if there was only my boyfriend and i :)

    3. In my head I want older on the outside, newer on the inside but with older furniture. But I like a cross between the two and wouldn't mind fixing things up because I like DIY and decorating :) I have to agree with Josie, as long as there's a new bathroom and kitchen all is good!

      Congrats on your new place, I hope you're settled in soon :)

      Em x

    4. i just love the character an old home has. we built a home last year, and although i like it, i often miss my older home with all it's imperfections.

    5. Glad to hear the house is more manageable....I've always felt more comfortable in a smaller home. Too much room just makes me feel panicked to try and use it!

    6. exciting! email me your new address pretty please! miss you. xoxoxo

    7. Well if i was married with a cat i would want to live in a apartment or a condo. But if i was older with older kids to help out with the older home then i would take the old house :) Love the picture! Seems so alive :) Follow me :)

    8. congratulations on the move rachel! glad you're fine =) 'less cleaning' definitely sounds like a good thing!
      re the old vs new question: it probably would depend on the look and feel of the house/ apartment in question, how expensive it is and whether i planned to live there permanently/ long-term or just for a while. i like that everything is new and clean, but new apartments often lack the undefinable soul thing...

    9. I've done both...its funny I always thought that
      an old home with its charm showed off my eclectic dressers and art...but I moved into a home that had white walls and I was pleasantly surprised how my things...popped and looked cooler...they did'nt have to compete with architecture, I guess. Anyways...have fun with it...to new beginnings! kelly

    10. I'm glad you got moved and you are happy in you condo. You asked, so I will have to tell you, I prefer a house. I've always lived in a house, and when I met my husband he lived in an apartment in Germany. I liked it, but don't know for how long. New place, and on vacation it was just different. I won't say I will never move into a condo/apt. but I love my privacy, yard, and all the house cleaning and yard work that comes with it. I'm anxious to see your photo's of your new place, and we all have our own choices.

    11. I loved reading about what you ended up doing with your living situation. Honestly I believe a New Condo to be plenty beneficial, and I think many should live in a condo. I actually came across one last year and decided to stay in another condo because I felt at home!

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