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    How has your week been? I have definitely been staying busy and ready for the weekend. Dont have much plans but I am going to see Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides tonight with a bunch of friends. My husband and I actually had to catch up on the second and third one the other day at our friends house. I have always been a huge fan of the ride at Disneyland growing up but I am not a hardcore fan of the movies as some of the people that I know. I think they are really fun don't get me wrong but I feel like they are little all over the place and I have a hard time figuring out who is who and why they came back to life and how and why things are happening. Does anybody else feel this way? Maybe I am just getting old. :)

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    1. How beautiful!! The colors are just so lovely :))
      Jocee <3

    2. Beautiful images!

    3. beautiful inspiration board doll! You should totally be on Pinterest...are you already? If so we need to follow each other...if not, I'm doing a giveaway right now for invitations to join! You should enter!

    4. Rachel I love your mood boards they really inspire me.....

      Art by Karena

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      You will love it!

    5. my kind of colours :)

    6. Love this so romantic :)

    7. Gorgeous photos! Love the colours so perfect + dusky for summer. Enjoy Johnny Depp!


    8. Beautiful mood board, Rachel, as is the one below. Although I am not a hard-core fan, I do like the movies just for the fun and adventurous aspect. Plus JD is still hot even in a puffy shirt with lots of mascara. lol

    9. That is my favorite ride too! I have not been following the movies, I guess I should watch them....
      Have fun tonight!

    10. I am glad to follow you on twitter! Please take a second to me @rachelrusticus

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    11. A beautufil and inspiring mood board! Thank you:)

    12. with 4 kids, seeing Disney movies is about my speed these days - lucky you! Johnny Depp!

    13. That's the best ride! haha. I really want to see pirates, apparently it's better than the last one. xx


    14. Love love love your Mood Boards - always so inspiring! Do you recall where you found the picture of Marilyn Monroe in this one? I went through your tumblr and couldn't find it. I would love to track it down! Thanks so much!! xo Jennie B

    15. i feel exactly the same way about the movies. loved the first one, but after that, i just got totally confused as to what they were trying to do.

    16. This is one of my favorite palettes!
      Your blog is absolutely LOVELY, Rachel!

    17. that crochet dress is super cute! Happy Monday Rachel xo

    18. Hi! I'm a portuguese fan of your blog!!! See the mine blog too! http://things-lovely.blogspot.com/

    19. Such lovely shades of lilac!

    20. this so pretty, I love your mood boards!

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