• Featured Items: Red Tan and Green

    I was inspired by my last mood board to create a treasury of items from sellers featured on Lovely Clusters. Here is a little peek! 

    {click on image for shop}

    You can see the complete treasury HERE>>

    more lovely items on www.lovelyclusters.com

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    1. I love your style, Rachel. It's very earthy and romantic. :)

    2. love the butterfly!!! amazing


    3. The butterfly jewellery is absolutely gorgeous. A little creepy that it's made with real butterflies but stunning nonetheless.

    4. I normally love everything Rachel curates, but the butterfly necklace, kind of threw me off. It's beautiful if only it was carved, and not made out of butterflies killed for the purpose, it's kind of cruel and macabre,I just wrote an email to the designer saying the same, she's obviously talented and I'd love to see her come out with new designs that don't involve killing things :(

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