• Inspired by "Before Sunrise"

    The last four days I have been working hard on a tile project with the Interior Designer that I work with and all I have wanted to do was relax and watch a romance movie and so I finally was able to do just that last night. I recently bought this book called 501 must see movies and one of the movies that caught my eye was "Before Sunset" and I went to go watch it on Netflix but it mentioned that it was a sequel to "Before Sunrise" so I of course had to watch that one before.

    At first I thought the movie had a lot of dialogue but you start to like the characters as the movie goes on. Overall I really enjoyed it and I love that they filmed on location in Vienna. At the end they show all the places they visited the next morning and I thought it was just so beautiful how it makes you look back and remember those scenes as if you were in the minds of the characters. If you havent seen this movie you must.

    Here are some images I gathered on flickr that made me think of the scenes from the movie.

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    1. Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are way high up on my list of favorite movies! You'll be so glad you watched them in order!
      (Funnily, I've seen both again recently on tv and had been thinking about doing a post about what absolutely perfect movies they are. Great minds and all, right? ;))

    2. Before sunrise and before sunset are my fav movies. Julie Deply is amazing in them. I think she is director also. You have to watch 2 days in Paris also movies by her :)))
      Great inspiration.

    3. I cannot believe you haven't seen Before Sunrise/Sunset! I absolutely adore both movies; they're perfect. I want to know what you think of Before Sunset.

    4. What a lovely post! That movie sounds adorable and sweet. I adore movies filmed in Europe so I think I shall check this out. I would love to own the 501 must-see movies! That's so neat.

      Beautiful photos♥

    5. Incredibly beautiful images. Absolutely breathtaking, these movies both sound like they are worth the watch just for the scenery alone.

      Have a wonderful weekend, Rachel dear!!

    6. The photos are wonderful, especially the last one is spectacular with that light and street paving. I like the decoration of the cathedral for a large baroque hall

    7. ah! before sunset is one of my absolute faves. you're going to love it!

    8. ♥Nice photos

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