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    Last night at around 9:30pm I hear that there is an earthquake in Japan and that there is a tsunami warning for the state of Hawaii. I have gone through several tsunami warnings while I have lived here and so I know what to do to prepare for the worst and fortunately most of the time it doesn't do too much damage. We started to research how severe the earthquake was and came across some pretty scary videos of the tsunami that hit Japan. This is when I started to worry that we could experience something similar. We are only about 75 feet above sea level and they say you should be at around 100 feet. Our safe spot is only about a 5 minute drive and its at around 300 feet.

    We ended up going to bed at around 2am after the news let us know that they didn't expect it to hit very hard. I was happy to wake up this morning with everything in tact. Some places got water damage and there is more debris scattered around but nothing too serious. I feel very lucky and my heart goes out to the people that had to experience this horrible catastrophe first hand. I really cannot imagine what my day would be like today if we did get hit like they did. Instead I am spending the day celebrating my husbands birthday. The chocolate fudge cake is in the oven and looking forward to spending some good times with friends.

    Thank you everyone for your comments, emails and calls and for thinking of us. It means a ton! :)

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    1. Thank you for the update Rachel, I am glad all is well. My heart goes out to all seriously affected areas. :(

    2. Good to hear you are ok. Many hopeful wishes go out to those impacted. Thanks for the update.


    3. Good to hear, it is very sad to see the damage enjoy the day xox

    4. What a relief for you and your family! My heart goes out to all those affected in Japan.

    5. my prayers go out to those affected...terrible videos we saw on the internet...

      glad to hear you are okay -

      Anne Marie

    6. I am so glad you are fine, we live on the water in WA. It has been a nerve wracking day. Clarice

    7. Glad to hear everything was minimal for you. A co-worker called her son first thing this morning in Seattle to make sure they were aware and okay.

    8. I am so glad to hear everything is okay. Hope you did get to enjoy some birthday time.

    9. thank you for writing rachel - i saw the news yesterday night and thought of you when i realized that maui was in the danger zone. i'm so glad to hear that you are okay. take good care of yourselves!

    10. siamo felici per voi, ci stringiamo a coloro che stanno vivendo la tragedia
      nunzia e cinzia

      we are happy for you, we embrace those who are experiencing the tragedy
      nunzia and cinzia

    11. must have been really awful
      I'm happy that everything is affixed

      happy weekend

    12. good to know you're ok!
      such a tragedy, so many people..


    13. hope you were able to stay safe x

    14. Terrible moments!!!
      Please God, protect Japan!
      I am glad to hear you are OK.
      All the best from Argentina.

    15. Thanks for sharing this with us... I am very happy to hear that all is well on your front. Such a tragedy for Japan...

      Take Care darling.

    16. I can't stop thinking how I would've reacted if there was such a warning here... Thank god you are safe!

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