• Vote Now on The Lovelies 2011!!

    I have decided to bring back The Lovelies for the month of February! Last year was a ton of fun and a huge success. I really enjoy being introduced to new shops and blogs and it is so great to see people support one another.

    We have some pretty fabulous prizes as well from a few of the gorgeous sellers on Lovely Clusters and I will be posting about them as soon I get them all rounded up.

    So if you have to the time please share some love by voting and/or nominating your favorite blogs and shops right HERE>> Thank you and have fun!!


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    1. I'd love to introduce you to The Embellished Life. Its my blog for fashion, travel, and inspiration. And I love that it gives me a chance to meet so many fantastic people!


    2. so i am just about in love with everything you do! so happy i found you!!

    3. oops haha, didn't realize it was the wrong post for the voting :)

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