• Mellow Monday: Tattoos (need your feedback)

    So I have been talking for awhile now about getting a very simple pretty script tattoo that says something on either my wrist or my foot. To my surprise I woke up this morning to find a gift certificate to Skin Deep Tattoos lying on my keyboard! I really was not expecting this from my husband and now I really have to do this. I am getting nervous just thinking about it. Fortunately for the past year I have been gathering inspiration and these are my favorite. :)

    So readers please let me know what your thoughts are as I am in need for some feedback.

    1. Should I get the tattoo on my wrist where I can look at it all the time or on my foot where I can hide it a little easier. Any other place you would suggest for a script tattoo?

    2. What should it say? I just love the idea of having it say "create". Any other ideas?


    BTW: Happy Valentines Day! :)

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    1. I would do the foot because you could easily hide it if you wanted in a business setting. I love the idea of Create. It seems so you! =) Happy Valentine's day! =)

      Melanie's Randomness

    2. Hi, I have one on my wrist and foot... the foot was a lil bit more sore but I would say it is my favourite, as you don't see it all the time and its a wee surprise every time you wear pumps lol, good luck

    3. Thanks for the feedback! I almost always wear flip flops so I think it would be cute to have it show down there too. hhmmmmm.....

    4. That is so funny...22 years ago my best friend gave me a tattoo gift certificate for Christmas. I got a peace sign on my big toe...I've thought of putting the world on my other toe...World Peace. I love the idea of Create! Think about it as not only craft or art but what about create happiness, love, energy, goodwill, peace...There are many great things we create in our lifetime. :)
      Good luck to you,

    5. I love tattoos on foot! And they actually look cool with flip flops (and with summer climates like yours!)
      Waiting for a photo of your tattoo soon!
      Happy Valentine's!
      Eleni of My Paradissi

    6. I've got my daughter's birth date in Roman numerals across the inside of my wrist. I love it and it's not intrusive. It's so delicate looking that I never feel the need to hide it and now want something written on the inside of the other wrist! Why don't you go all out and get both? :)

      Tids xx


    7. I have one on my foot. I love it, I can see it when I want, hide it when I want. Most people don't even notice it for a while.

      The only thing about a tattoo is explaining it to your kids, if you are ok with them getting one. My husband doesn't have one, and isn't keen on our kids getting one one day.

    8. Oooo, I really love how tattoos look on feet! In the winter they're pretty hidden, but in the summer it's like discovering it all over again when you pull out your sandals and pack away your layers of heavy clothes (unless you live in Florida, lol). I definitely vote for the foot, but I'm sure either will look lovely. Post pictures once you get it!

    9. i love the Create idea!!! probably gonna copy. lol I think your foot would be better because you never know where life will take you so being able to cover it up if need be is a plus!

    10. love the "create" one! or something in french is really cute too. i'd say go for the foot, since you get to wear sandals every day anyways, so you'll still see it all the time! let me know what you end up doing! miss you!

    11. i'm all about the wrist as a location so it's more visible. i find that the tattoos on my forearm are my favorite whereas the ones that i never see just aren't appreciated (by me or anyone else).
      as for what it should say...make sure it's something you'll love forever. good luck! xo

    12. oh, and i just wanted to add, i've never had any problems with my very visible arm tattoos in a business setting. BUT, b has to cover his up for teaching so i guess that's something to think about as well.

    13. I like the "create" idea as that's your "thing". i have one on my wrist and love it. i can hide with a watch or bracelets. I would love to get another scripty looking one on my forearm or inside of bicep.

    14. I love the "Create" tattoo, and I would vote for getting it on your foot\. I've always loved tattoos on the foot. Can't wait to see what you decide on!
      Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day!

    15. Check out pinterest.com for tattoo inspiration. So much to behold there.
      Either click on the photography link or search script tattoo. Good luck!

    16. i love those spots you chose, and the forearm. i have one on my foot, which i just adore! i'd love to add some song lyrics to my forearm, tho...

    17. Rachel,
      This is a great idea. I love tattoos on the foot, or the back of the neck. Reason is you wont get sick of it. I have one on my foot and have had it for 8 years and every time i wear my sandles i fall in love with it all over again! I also love the "creat" its perfect for you :)

    18. To be very blunt, tattoos on feet freak me out a little. It's getting really common (as it was sort of the new tramp-stamp spot for a while), plus there is almost no flesh on your foot and it will HURT directly on bones.

      I have a co-worker in my VERY formal office with a small single-word tattoo on her wrist, and honestly I didn't notice it for at least three years (she always wears gorgeous thick bangles or cuffs during high-profile client meetings)! Plus, great excuse to stock up on bracelets.

      Don't put it somewhere based on what anyone will think, regardless. Who would you be hiding it from? If it's a part of your identity that you are truly committed to, why hide that from anyone? One of my friends is CMO of a major corporation; she wears suits-and-skirts every day of the week, and has the word "devoted" tattooed on the back of her calf.

    19. LOVE these!! I am contemplating on another tattoo myself, so I hear ya :)
      LOVE the top left one, it looks real pretty. I personally am going to do one on my wrist. I like the fact that it's close to me, and I can have it close to my heart.
      Another cool spot is behind the ear :)
      I do hope you photograph your tattoo when you finally get it!

    20. Where on Earth did you find these lovely photos? I wanted to write a blog post about calligraphy tattoos because I find them gorgeous but I could only find two photos - the last one you posted and this one: https://pinterest.com/pin/328238/ (it says „Portus mihi expectat” which is Latin for "my port expects me" or something like that)

      Anyways, I think if it's on the foot it might be partially hidden depending on the shoes you are wearing. I think it should either be completely covered or the exact opposite.

      I now remember that I once read an interview with Gisele Bundchen where she explained when she moved from her tiny hometown to the big city she could no longer see stars in the sky and she would miss her home terribly. So she got a tiny star tattooed on her wrist so that she could see the stars no matter where she is. I loved that!

    21. Oh my word...whatever you get, can't wait to see it. These are all such lovely designs posted here...pretty type.

    22. i have it between my wrist and inner elbow and i love it there...you can hide it if you want...but i suppose it depends how big...i love the word create...hmm.

    23. i LOVE the font in the one on the lower right corner. I have a tattoo on my right forearm and I love it, although there have been a few times where I've wanted it to be covered. But I also have some stars on my feet htat I got when I was 18 (which I regret for the most part) and they're kind of fun and easy to hide. It just depends on how bold you want to be. I'm not sure what it should say but it should definitely be something you love. Good luck!

    24. I vote for create on your wrist in white ink. I have one in white and love that it isn't super visible but I know it's there!

    25. I love the one on the foot with the ballet slippers, except saying 'create' with lots of swirls. I think it would look lovely.

    26. I am in love with tattoos like this... You know what's funny? I wanted to tattoo "create" on my right wrist and "inspire" on my left. So I'd definitely go for the wrist. Hope you are braver than me, I'm still thinking about it :D



    27. That was almost exactly how I finally got around to getting my own tattoo - my boyfriend gave me a gift card to our local parlor where my friend Henry works for Christmas last year. He heard me talk about the tattoo I wanted for so long, he decided I just needed the push to get it started. I'm glad he pushed!

      I like the wrist placement better for what you want. Also, I didn't notice anyone else mentioning it, but there are a lot of tattoo artists who won't do feet, as a general rule. I think it's because the skin on the foot is so much more delicate than other parts of your body, and from what I know it's more apt to stretch and look funny over time.

    28. I vote foot. I have one on the back of my neck and my hair isn't long enough to hide it. I've had it for 12 years and I'm to the point now where I don't like it as much as I used to and I'd like to be able to cover it up sometimes. I would want to make it a little different than what someone else has done. How about something like "adorn" or "embellish"?

    29. I love those! They are beautiful. I love the script and I love the placement of the smaller tattoo on the forearm. I have two: one on my lower (really low) back, a triquetra and one on the back of my neck, my son's birthdate in roman numerals.

    30. Script tattoos look beautiful on the side underneath the bra line. I've seen some very classy, very beautiful tattoos there.

    31. i think script tattoos on the side ribcage are lovely!

    32. Tattos have always been my passion...
      In my opinion, the most important thing about a tatto is the meaning. It's not nessery to be a quotation or a drawing. Even one letter is enough if it reminds you of something.

      My advie is to get one on the wrist and another on the foot^^

      Deny :))

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