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    So I have been getting more into treasuries lately and boy is there a huge community! I was trying to join some treasury teams but they all seemed a bit strict to be honest. I try to make two a week which I thought was pretty good but some want 12 a month and you have to have all of the items from other team members and you have to have a shop of your own.

    If you know me I am a pretty relaxed easy going person so I dont like a ton of restrictions. If your like me and just want to make some pretty treasuries on your own time and from sellers you choose then you may be interested in joining my new etsy team. I have two rules and that is you have to have at least one treasury inspired by color and make at least one treasury a month. :) Check it out and join HERE>>

    Here are some lovely items from one of my most recent treasuries and I entered the link into the neutral category in my new team. Enjoy!

    {click on image for shop link}
    See the complete treasury HERE>>

    See more beautiful items in our gallery!

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    1. Yeah, I agree the treasury situation is kind of crazy. Plus with so many teams committed to 15 per month per member it seems the whole treasury concept will get flooded and maybe defeat its own purpose.
      But still, thanks y'all for including me in your treasuries.

    2. those earrings are awesome!

    3. Amazing....you always have the loveliest posts honey. Kori xoxo

    4. gorgeous! that last pair of earrings are to die for! so very pretty!

    5. Hey, I have just come across your blog and I really like the look of your posts - very natural. I will definately be staying tuned!

    6. I just love your blog. I've commented several times, and you just seem to amaze me. You always have a natural theme to your blog. I really like your blog, so keep up the good work. You can count on me returning in a couple of days again.

    7. @Betty and RoxyThanks!

    8. oh, that shirt! amazing!

    9. everything is so pretty!

    10. Oh my... that top from Etsy is absolutely stunning, I love the 3D effect - lovely.

    11. I can always rely on you to provide stunning earrings to tempt me! Thank you Rachel, hope you have had a great weekend.

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