• Mellow Monday: Windows II

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    January so far been a really busy month for me. I am currently designing and coding 6 websites at the moment and I have to keep reminding myself that I need to just breath and relax. I have my organized systems down to maintain all the work but at times it feels overwhelming.

    How do you juggle all of your assignments? What works for you?

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    1. love the flowered ones, so pretty

    2. Sounds like you're quite the busy lady... Keeping lots of lists and tackling the assignments I am least excited about before those that are more exciting works for me - that way I've always got something to look forward to and can get the worst out of the way first. PS. Love the photos especially the green balcony with the iron railing!

    3. Great advice laura! Thank you!

    4. wondeful colours!

    5. If your system works, would love you to share it. There is never enough hours in the day....
      Jen & Row

    6. Such a beautiful post for a Monday. :)

    7. Ah! Those are such beautiful windows!

    8. Hello!
      I know how you feel. When I get really overwhelmed with orders, I have to remind myself that my sanity is more important than "super-fast" turnaround for my customers. It's great to be timely, but I am definitely my toughest critic.

      all the best!

    9. Oh I just take a little coffee break every now and then...

      Nice windows:)

    10. Wow, that's a lot to have going on and I thought I was busy! Definitely take regular breaks and little breathers to keep your sanity and help stay focussed!x

    11. Not an easy way to start the new year with a manic work schedule. These images are sure to sooth the soul a little.

    12. thanks for some pretty pics.
      busy is good right?
      I totally know what you mean about keeping on top of things. I make tons of lists and am going to get a huge chalkboard so I can write my lists on it.
      Good luck with the projects.

    13. Pretty images Rachel. Hang in there, tough work-loads can be overwhelming but it's so satisfying when it's all done :) When I get overwhelmed, I just stop and take a little meditation break, write in my journal and get back on track--it helps! Congrats on having all the work :)

      xo Mary Jo

    14. Love these images, they remind me of my time in Europe. I kept snapping phones of windows and doors and lamp posts, the locals must have thought me crazy! lol

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