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    Two things that I want to do more in 2011 is read and travel. I mainly read on the internet and its mostly about blogging, web design, or some sort of reference or information like on wikipedia. I want to read more for entertainment and enjoyment. I really miss the days where I could cuddle up to a good book and just become enthralled with the story and I force myself to stay awake just so I can know what happens next. I havent read a book like that in awhile. I feel like I am becoming more picky as I get older and more judgemental. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good read?

    cant find source. 
    (Please let me know if you know it. Thanks!)

    I also am dying to travel more. I know I know I live in a destination spot but even Maui can become mundane after awhile and of course its always great to come back to but our bodies need change once in awhile as most of you know. Its such a healthy thing for us humans to step out of our comfort zone and live and breath new things. I would love to see this magical building in person. Wouldnt you?

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    1. absolutely agree!

    2. I love love love your blog, Rachel! I'm a book lover too, and immersing oneself in a good read is such bliss! I recently read The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler and Halo by Alexandra Adornetto and thoroughly enjoyed both of them! I picked up Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos and it's pretty good so far, perhaps you'll like one of those? :)
      Traveling is also something that I really enjoy! I hope you get to do some of that this year! Have a wonderful Sunday!

    3. Thank you Candice for the book suggestions!

    4. I am just counting down the days until my winter holiday when I can curl up with a book. A few books on my to-read list this winter are My Life in France, The Sherlockian, and The Great Gatsby. (And that building is incredible!)

    5. Such adorable pictures!
      Boho Market Blog

    6. The same things i want more to do in 2011 :) m.

    7. reading is on my list of things to do more of in 2011 as well. i've been reading so much for school over the last couple years, i need to start reading for fun again.

      lovely post!

      xo Alison

    8. Two new years resolutions I can totally identify with. I always used to have a book on the go but nowadays I never seem to pick one up either and I hope next year to travel some more too.

      All I can suggest is invest in some books and make the actual travel plans then they are easier to stick to and harder to avoid.

    9. I'm with you! I want to read a lot more in 2011 too! Traveling is always on my to do list :-)

      Your blog is so lovely, can't believe I just found it! :-)


    10. Last year I decided to read more and I managed to get through quite a few books this year. I really enjoy "coming-of-age" novels like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, or Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls. Those were two of my favourites from this year. :)

      I've just started reading The Chronicles of Narnia. Those are pretty amazing!

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