• My New Love Calendar from Minted

    I recently received a lovely calendar filled with pictures of my husband and I. I am calling it our love calendar. Doing this I realized we do not take enough pictures together so I mainly had my wedding photos in there. They were also the more higher quality ones that I had on my computer. My iphone pictures weren't quite cutting it even though some of the best ones of us are on my phone. :)

    Its pretty fun making your photo calendar on the minted site but it helps if you have fast internet. My computer was bogging down that day and it took me a while to upload all the photos. I really love the custom options they let you choose and you can pick which photo you want for each month.

    Here is a little peek into our printed copy. Looking forward to using it for the new year!

    Here is our holiday card that I also made on the minted site.

    All photos by me.

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    1. I'm in love with that calendar! What a great idea. :)

    2. I was just looking at different sites to do a 2011 Calendar for our family! Love it! Thanks Rachel! xo Samantha

    3. Fantastic idea and so pretty a calendar it is too. I am the same over photos of myself and my husband; I have so few.


      PS: Love the new green on the site

    4. aw, this is darling! :)

    5. What a great gift idea! Love it! So pretty, too.

    6. What a great idea, and I think it came out real pretty!

    7. That website is a brilliant idea!

    8. Wow! That calendar is adorable! The paper looks thick and durable. The print quality and design is great! I have to check out minted! Thanks for sharing! Hauoli Makahiki Hou!

    9. this is SO cute. makes me want to do one. your wedding pics look perfect with the design!

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