• "Like" Your Favorite Items on Lovely Clusters!

    We are having another facebook "like" contest! Whoever gets the most likes on any of their products listed on Lovely Clusters will get to add 10 FREE items to the gallery. The first place winner will also get an ad placed on the Lovely Clusters Blog for 3 months. This is a $140 value! The Second place winner will get to have 5 FREE items added to the gallery.

    If you already have items added to our gallery then a great way to get more "likes" is to spread the word by twittering, blogging, adding your items to pinterest or using any other social media sites by using the green "share this" button at the bottom of your items page. Don't forget to "like" your own items. :)

    Contest ends January 1st, 2011  January 9th Midnight Hawaii Time.

    If you would like to get in on this contest you must have at least one item of yours added to our gallery. If your shop has been approved please purchase your desired option HERE>> Please email me at rachel@lovelyclusters.com or fill out our form HERE>> to get your shop approved.

    Here are just a few items taken from the orange cluster. :)

    If you would like to "like" your favorite items in our gallery please visit it HERE>> Thank you for supporting the handmade community!

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    1. cant wait for xmas x

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