• Weekend Photo: Window Shopping

    Just got home from a long day of shopping with my mom. Since moving into our new place I have been dying to get drapery and some other decorative elements to make my home more me. :) Can't wait to get everything up. Hope your weekend has gone well!

    Image via cocoachuchu

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    1. Beautiful photo! I think I saw it a while back on weheartit, but it wasn't credited. So nice to know where it comes from now :)

      Hope your day of shopping was a success.

    2. sounds like a fun day!

      i love the girls dress in this pic :)

    3. Cute pic! I love it! I also love shopping with my mom. I just wished she lived closer. Hope you had a lovely day with her.

    4. Super cute pick :)

      I also love shopping with my mom and friends :)
      But sometime alone :))

    5. What a pretty photo! I know what you mean about moving in and then wanting so bad to make it your own, with your own style... We moved in to a new place 6 months ago and I couldn't wait to get started on decorating and arranging it in our style :)

    6. A very cute photo but it would look even better if the girl was actually looking at the window. I guess we are not supposed to see her face...

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