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    I often go back and forth between wanting to live in an old or new home. I tend to lean towards an old home for its character and history but I like the clean feeling of a new house. We recently found out that the house we are renting was actually moved from the beach up and across the street back in the 50's. It explained some of the quirky layouts for us that we couldn't quite figure out. I feel like I understand the house more.

    So what about you? Do you prefer to live in an old or new home or are you in between like me?

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    Have a lovely weekend!

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    1. Old, old, old! I need character!

    2. Hi Rachel. :) I'm kind of in between like you. We live in a really old home right now (1918) and there's always so much work to do on it. I think it would be nice to have a home that's completely done how I like it the next time around. I don't know, though, I love old houses and all the character and history. That's cool about your home...I bet you're loving it there. :) Have good weekend, too, Rachel!

    3. Just found this blog, looks very very promising!
      Friends of mine live in a three hundred year old house, and I swear, the walls are alive. I don't know if it's haunted or if it's just developed a soul. :)
      There's just something about the smell of wood that's over a hundred years old. Can't beat that. Best house of my childhood was my grandfather's house, his grandfather built it, and everyone kept adding to it. Such an amazing place.
      I'm totally going with old, as you may have guessed...

    4. Oh my goodness I LOVE that ivy covered home! Amazing:-) Our house is 1950's style but modern inside, love it!

    5. Most of my life has been spent in old houses and they have been my favourites. The house I'm in just now is more than 100 years old.

      The great thing about old houses is you can decorate however you like but the outside has much more character than most new houses. The downside is that many old houses aren't insulated well and it's freezing in the winter!

      My favourite house is one that my parents own - it's 150 years old and is right by the sea perched on the hillside. It's a beautiful place to be! :)

    6. Old houses are by far the best! I am in love with that house almost completely covered in ivy.

    7. I live in a mad old apartment in the Marais in Paris with orange padded walls, I love it. It feels like someone else loved it once. Before that I lived in Florence and lived in a 15th century building. It made me hmm putting the key in the door. Who was here before me??

    8. I love the imperfection of old houses. My last house was an 85 year old (tiny) farmhouse. Loved its character (like the glass door handles and the old newspapers you could find if you lifted up the flooring). BUT - with 3 little kids, I felt the need for a house that was rodent-free. So for the last 4 years I've lived in a brand new house. But I find myself missing the freedom of not having to worry if the kids are going to wreck something in the new house, or dent a wall, etc. In an old house, that just creates more character, but in a new house, it just makes a big mess! There is too much pressure living in NEW, so I think my next house will be old, old, old, and I'll just get some cats to deal with the mice :)

    9. Hi Rachel! I have always been unable to decide old or new. There is nothing like new, but old has character and charm. I think I lean toward new with old flea antiques for furniture and accessories. I love the old with the new I guess :)I also love your blog and have you as a favorite on my blog decoratorinabox.blogspot.com

    10. I'm leaning toward old, but I have never had a new house so I can't be sure. My first home was built in 1914 and my current home is a 1970's traditional American ranch style. It's fun to remodel and set up the home in such a way that is a nod to their heritage, but puts a modern twist on it. There is so much more character in an old home, but they are a lot of work!

    11. This is my first time to visit your blog, it is beautiful. I have also spotted the wee cottage with the aqua door and gate in this post is from Glenveagh, County Donegal, Ireland, it is the gardeners cottage and I adore it. I have visited it. It is beside a castle. I love old style charm but I also like the comforts of a new home, particularly in terms of heating and insulation. I am currently building a new home. Stop by my blog some time.

      All things nice...

    12. Oh, you got me on that one, but truthfully, I prefer older homes. They are made better than the newer ones that they build now. Older houses have a history, and are just more quaint. Whatever you decide upon, you will love because it will be your home. It's the love that makes a home.

    13. i'm in an old home and love every bit of its character & quirkiness (not the $$$ part, but to me its worth it!) this pinboard is antique home perfection!

    14. How about a new house that looks old? We're in a 200+ year old colonial and while there are some wonderful elements, mostly it's just a big old house with drafty windows and doors and a massive (non-working mind you) beehive fireplace. Sigh...

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