• Room by Color: Neutral Dining Rooms

    I have been dreaming about what I want to do with the dining room. I haven't had one in so long so its sort of exciting to me. We picked up a bamboo dining set for $50 that has a glass table top and the side chairs have a tropical pattern on the seats. I am not too fond of the look but I think I can make it look more sophisticated and up to date. First I want to spray paint the bamboo a dark brown color (see the look I want HERE) and upholster the chairs in a pretty neutral pattern and then put a nice thick beige textured tablecloth like the one pictured below over the glass top. Here is some inspiration I have been compiling:
    Love the look of this dining table too!
    So we started painting the other day and the beige I chose came out too pink! I was so bummed. I know this happens a lot with paint so I cant be too hard on myself. We went and bought a quart of a new color that has more yellow in it and we tried it on the walls and its sooo much better. Much more sandy which is what I was wanting. This week we will be painting the rest of the house. Exciting but also tiresome. We are doing it ourselves. Cant wait for it to be done! I will show you some before and after photos soon! Related Products:

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    1. These dining rooms are absolutely gorgeous. Gives me the itch to start painting and rearranging!

      I'm sure your room will turn out just as beautiful. Can't wait to see the payoff!

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