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    Hi everyone, I'm Kat from Secrets of a Butterfly, its lovely to meet you. I'm delighted to be guest posting here at Rachel's beautiful place. credits for the top mosaic: 1. anniversaryselfportrait, 2. vintage, 3. ., 4. Rest) So I thought i would talk about one of my passions today as that's always a good place to start isn't it? One of my favourite things is collecting interiors books with vintage or flea market styling. I am sure we all have our favourites, among mine are Bazaar Style, Shabby Chic Interiors and Easy Elegance I dream of decorating in this style someday and like to be inspired by the vintage decoration i see in people's homes. Inside the pages of our favourite interior books, we see a complete look. Sometimes its a little daunting to achieve the same. Maybe as its not practical, affordable, or the items are hard to come by in the area we live. Maybe too, the people we live with, wouldn't be too happy with a full shabby-chic-d abode! Luckily the thing about vintage, is it can find a home quite happily amongst any style you may already have. You don't have to spend a great amount and add much, to still bring the essence of vintage to your home. Little touches such as old china,(like this set i got from Scotland lately) crochet throws, or repurposed fabrics can blend into your rooms and add a unique touch. Think of it like fashion where there has been an ever growing trend for mixing vintage with modern pieces. The secret is always to follow what you love and by adding only that, well, you can't really go wrong.
    Interior touches 1
    I have gathered together some images here that inspire me with ways to add in touches of vintage. Old books, cushions, a pottery jug....china, bedding and postcards.
    Interior touches 3
    But where to source these items, especially if there are no local flea markets or antique shops to hand....luckily we now have the wonder of online shops! Clever people who can come by the most special of old treasures and we get to browse them from our sofas! Rachel has done a beautiful job of highlighting just the type of shops we are looking for in the decor section of Lovely clusters. Here you'll find sections for wall decoration, cushions, ornaments and linens. As i live in England i wanted to include some Uk based websites that have vintage homewares, but here are also some in the States. I'm sure all will be happy to cater to international buyers.( Just bare in mind the postage cost for weightier items and any import duties.) Sources for vintage online: UK based shops This Vintage Life Vintage Home Vintage Lifestyle Live Laugh Love Happy Loves Rosie Decorative Country Living Hen House Emporium which is where these Union jack cushions are to be found...
    And US/Australia based online shops: Looking Glass House Gathering Vintage Dottie Angel(closed over the summer) Le Vintage Maison Tiny Happy Happy browsing...and if you'd like to come by my blog sometime, you're always welcome. Kathryn signature

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    1. Lovely post.

    2. i love the photos. Beautiful places!

    3. Simply gorgeous! I'm trying to slowly bring more vintage into our home, it's definitely a fun process! Thanks for the tips and inspiration.

    4. Very cool vintage post!
      Lovely to meet you Kat!

    5. Thanks Kathryn! This is exactly what I'm looking for a personal home project - perfect timing:)

    6. I love this shabby chic look as well!! Congrats on this post, the pictures are lovely :)
      Have a wonderful day! xo, Thili

    7. Beautiful images. Love this.
      Teresa (Splendid Sass)

    8. Thats great! Thank you for the links! I will go searching for beautiful antiques now!

    9. Hello Rachel thank you for putting my kitchen on your blog that is so lovely of you , I love all the other pictures too xx
      Lynn xxxx

    10. This is great! good photos!!
      The Design Dish

    11. Ok. Kat this is making me lightheaded with so much frilly wonderful dreamy gorgeousness. Not only are you the queen of vintage sources (thank you... i knew of some but not all.. yay!) but you also so graciously included my vintage shop! ::::)))
      You are a dear! This post is truly a beautiful work of art. Just like you!

    12. Ah thanks Heather you are so lovely!!
      And thanks everyone for your kind comments it's been a real treat to post here and I now have your wonderful blogs to check out too!
      See you all again soon,
      kathryn x

    13. What a fabulous post, Kat! Love everything about it :) xx

    14. this is a lovely post, i'm always so interested to see your shop recommendations (i've just bookmarked all of them!)

    15. Put together with the sense of beauty, delight and wonder that you so excel at, Kathryn. Love every one of these, so many happy discoveries and so thrilled to see you doing guest posts. xo - g

    16. This type of message always inspiring and I prefer to read quality content, so happy to find good place to many here in the post, the writing is just great, thanks for the post.

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