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    Hi Lovely Clusters readers! I'm Alli from Hooray, and while Rachel is off camping, I thought I'd share a little outdoor inspiration. As I write this, I'm headed out for a big camping trip, too, and cannot wait to be surrounded by the woods and to star gaze from our campsite at night. That, and eat lots of s'mores of course :)
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    1. I was so in the mood for smores the other week, I made them on the BBQ, lol!

      Have a fantastic weekend :)

    2. What a cute post! Love smores :)

    3. i'll probably get ostracized for this, but i'm not a big fan of s'mores. however, i like looking at them and smelling their sweet goodness. my taste buds just can't handle the explosion of SO much sweetness all at once.

    4. I love camping, it's so fun, like a mini adventure :D


    5. I found you blog hopping. Your clusters are so lovely! thanks for sharing. Lilli

    6. omigosh these pictures are amazing
      your blog is lovely!!!

      I am a new foolowerrr

      Will you please follow me back?
      and Twitter

    7. Camping and backpacking are my favorite walls to spend the summer and fall! Great pictures too!

    8. Ah, now this looks like *real* camping.

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