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    Lately I have been thinking of new ways to promote Lovely Clusters and gain more exposure. Obviously building a network is key to any business and keeping it strong will keep it going. I really love that I have an opportunity to help small businesses grow and also build a network. I know there are a lot of other online businesses that do this and it seems like a new one pops up everyday. It's a competitive market for what I do but I strive to keep Lovely Clusters unique. It's not just another place for sellers to have items shown in a gallery. Lovely Clusters is also for the viewers to get excited about what they see and possibly have bloggers feel inspired to write a blog post about something they loved from the site. Like many designers, I enjoy what I make but in my case it's what I curate. I love that I can go to my site and click on a color and 9 out of 10 times I will find something that will work in a collage that I want to create. It really is such a great resource for what I do and love. With that said I would like to introduce to you three very lovely sellers that I highly recommend checking out. Happy browsing and enjoy!! :)
    Simply Me Art Etsy Shop | Facebook _________________________________________________________________ Be Still Etsy Shop | Twitter | Facebook _________________________________________________________________ Revival House Co. Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter
    You can view more featured sellers at www.lovelyclusters.com. Thank you for visiting!

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    1. The pillows are really pretty! :)

    2. LOVE those pillows from Be Still!

    3. I love those pillows!

    4. Loving the pillows! So pretty.

    5. Those shoes! Rachel you always find the most amazing shoes!

      Another bunch of fabulous sellers. I love Lovely Clusters!

    6. Their items are gorgeous! All the best of luck to you as you work on your network.

      I have some earrings up for grabs on my blog. Check it out!


    7. I, for one, appreciate your curating. There are SO many stores and sellers out there that make such wonderful items...but it gets overwhelming at times to look through all of the sellers and find ones you really like. Your blog totally helps in that department, so I appreciate! :)

    8. love the black & white dress of Revival house.


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