• Happy Fathers Day!

    I absolutely love this photo of my dad and I. We would always take summer trips to Coquille, Oregon at my uncles house and play some Frisbee golf. This is one of the shots to the sink. My favorite one is this tree that was hit by lightning and you have to through the Frisbee up and through the tree. So fun! Definitely miss those times in my life. I will cherish them forever. :) Love you Dad!

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    1. I think your blog is great. I visit maui once a year. Visiting your blog, helps me to take a little of the island home with me. Thank-you for all that you share and I am truly inspired by your content.

    2. This is a really special photo, Rachel. Thanks for sharing it with us. xoxo

    3. What a sweet photo...these kind are the best and I love it when we have them to rely on to remember the good times. I'm so glad you shared this. ♥

    4. what a cute snap! Glad you shared it!

    5. great photo. your blog is darling! found you on bloglovin, hope you stop by and say hello:


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