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    The other day I felt inspired to draw. I used to love to draw all the time as a child and then I was really into collages and I think that's when I stopped. I started back again in college but haven't really done much since. When I do draw I mainly like to draw from photographs. That's when I think I do my best. Here is what I ended up with.
    (illustration by me, The photo is from The Cherry Blossom Girl)
    As I was working on my drawing I started to think more about my illustration style and wondered if I could change it slightly to make it more interesting or stylistic. So naturally I looked for inspiration on the web for some ideas. I think I have a long ways to go before I get to where these lovely illustrators are but they are sure nice to look at. :)
    Tina Berning - Germany Toko Ohmori - Japan Monsieur Qui - France
    So what do you think? How easy do you think it would be to change the way you draw?

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    1. Hi Rachel,
      I just started an experimental art e-course and that it what I am trying to do....change things up...learn new techniques...free myself up a bit. I love this illustrations and thank you for sharing them! Have a great day...I know you will over there in Maui!

    2. Oh I wish I could draw! You should definitely do more. I couldn't tell them apart until I'd clicked on them, honest!

    3. I'm not sure how easy it would be to change what you probably do instinctively, but why would you even try? I love your drawing...it's fresh, colourful, playful...gorgeous!

    4. I actually really like the way you draw...it's very whimsical and pretty! But I see what you mean about the other drawings...they're so gorgeous, I want to be able to draw like that. Beautiful. I think it would be difficult to change the way I draw. Because in doing so, I'd have to change the way I think.

    5. Love all the artist illustrations. It is so cool to see an artist's interpretation.

      And Rachel, oh my, you are one talented lady! Your illustration is just amazing!!!!

      Have a lovely day my dear!

      xo Cat

    6. wow these are incredible. It takes so much patience to change your style of drawing. Your drawing is beautiful.

    7. I've never been very good at drawing only copying. I can copy other people's work quite acurately but find it difficult to be original in my drawing. I would find it hard to change my drawing style or to create my own style because I just imitate other people. :D

      Loved your drawing, very sweet!

    8. Cool...would love to see your illustrations.

    9. I have been finding quite difficult, but I am in love with the process.
      I've start drawing not too long ago, but am really taking it seriously only now... but I already see some improvement.
      ... but I am still a long way from the ones above, including yours, which looks GORGEOUS!

      if you get interested in my sketch...


    10. Eee, I love this! I vote this becomes a regular feature -- if not weekly, then monthly :)? Fabulous!

    11. I like your drawing :) The other artist's work is beautiful as well! Drawing is a good way to let your artistic creativity flow. My sketch teacher told me to always keep a small sketchbook with me always... xo - jami

    12. lovely little drawing* i find it so meditative to pick up watercolors or colored pencils and just sketch. quite relaxing. xx, Jane

    13. These are beautiful illustrations! I wish I could draw, too.

    14. I love them all - very unique illustrations.

    15. I'm in the same situation as you... I haven't drawn since college and really should try to start up again. I think it could be easy to change your style as long as you found something that seemed natural. Keep at it... your illustration is lovely!

    16. Captivating blog!Following it.

    17. Oh, these are all beautiful. But I think drawing is something so natural that forcing a style change would be a mistake :)


    18. Oh, wow! I have seen a few of these on the internet as well. Would love if you would post your work one day (when you feel ready) :)

    19. Rachel, I didn't know you could draw! It turned out beautiful!!! Are you going to add it to the Creative Challenge group? hint, hint. ;)

    20. Beautiful illustrations! I love how yours turned out - so sweet!
      I think drawing is instinctive - forcing a particular style is difficult because it's not natural. I think the more practice, the more in tune you become to your own style. : )

    21. Your drawing is great! I love all the illustrations too! Jennifer:)

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