• A Peek into: Inspiration Tricia Guild

    As you may have noticed I am a huge collector of inspirational images. I recently had to expand my hard-drive just to keep up with my addiction. :) I also love to collect books with inspiration whether it be interiors, business cards, logos, anything design really. I hate parting with them too and some of my best ones have made it to California back to Maui and then to Portland and then back to Maui. They are in some ways a part of me and I am grateful that I have kept them this long.
    I seem to be growing my collection again and so I have decided to scan in my favorites from each and post them here for cataloging and sharing purposes so if I ever have to part with them I at least have something left. My mother also loves to collect them (wonder where I get it from?) and has let me borrow a few. I decided to start with them because I will have to give them back sooner or later. One of the books I fell in love with is Inspiration Tricia Guild and its absolutely gorgeous filled with vibrant color, striking patterns, exotic imagery and the people that inspire her. I wouldn't expect anything less from the legendary designer of Designers Guild in London. Here is a little peek into some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy!
    scanned by me from Inspiration Tricia Guild

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    1. oh i love tricia guild. she is so darn amazing. id love to have her decorate my home. patterns and flowers. beautiful!
      if you havent seen her book "pattern" i suggest you have a look. its my favourite in my bookcase

    2. Nice scans!
      Gorgeous post!


    3. oh thanks Rachel, I hope you keep doing this :)

    4. Very inspiring... an essence all of her own..gorgeous!

    5. Oh me too! I am a total book, image and magazine hoarder and LOVE visual inspiration. THANK GOD there are so many amazing blogs out there is all I can say, or I would have to buy yet another external hard drive (I have three!!) and a bigger house! :)

      Tricia Guild is amazing. I bought her Painted Country a million years ago when I lived in London. It was one of my first favourite decor books - that and an extensive library of architecture and design books I kept whilst studying interior design.
      Then there was Tricia Guild on Colour - also amazing and still inspiring in its colourful glory. I know here titles are plentyful and I wish I had them all, only I don't... I'll just have to enjoy them through your lovely blog instead.

      Happy end to the week.

      x Charlotta

    6. I can see why ! Amazing

    7. wow, tricia guild's work is inspiring. i bet you have the biggest collection ever of inspirational images! ;) thanks for scanning these in and sharing with us! xo.

    8. gorgeous! this looks like a book i might need to own!

    9. wow, this is really incredible! I love it! completely gorgeous colors!

    10. I am a fun of Patricia's work for many years now!


    11. Tricia Guild has always dished out good inspiration board images, batch after batch, year after year.

      Nice selection.

    12. lovely inspiration! i save lots of clippings and magazines too. it is kind of hard to keep them all properly organized, and it is REALLY HARD to get rid of them! hahaha

    13. i love how she uses color!

    14. so much inspiration here.
      thank you :))))


    15. so much color + inspiration. lovely.

      xo Alison

    16. Simply adorable! I love the colors!

    17. I love Tricia Guild - she is the colour queen! So inspiring...
      : )

    18. This This This I LOVE!! Always attracted to a market feel... Gorgeous!

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