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    I have been thinking a lot about a new marketing strategy for Lovely Clusters and after seeing many beautiful online magazines this week I was inspired greatly to start my own. (check out decor8 and poppytalks's posts for inspiration) I wont be doing a magazine though. It will be more of a catalog of items from Lovely Clusters and it will be by color. I am really excited about it and cant wait to show you all. :)

    Row 1: yvetteinufio, elsiecake
    Row 2: duet weddings, cori kindred

    How do you feel about online magazines and do you enjoy the convenience of being able to click right off of the magazines or do you prefer to prop your feet up on the couch and flip through a real life glossy?

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    1. lovely idea Rachel!

    2. Whatever it is... I am so excited for that.

    3. I'd like to have the option of both. It's nice to be able to look at a magazine on the computer, but sometimes when I am out waiting for an appointment or just sun bathing, I like to have a glossy to read.

      Love the mood board! Happy Friday!

    4. I like the real life magazine..I like being able to take it with me wherever I want and reading it whenever I want...I analyse ever nook of a magazine when I am holding one...whereas online..Im more inclined to click click click...

    5. OMG, what an awesome venture! keep us updated!

    6. I think prefer a glossy in my hands. You cant earmark a computer screen :)
      However, I love online mags, too and of course being green is a good thing.

      Love your idea of a catalog!

    7. I do look at some on line mags and I think they are kind of brillant, but I still do LOVE a real life glossy. I like to sit outside in the summer with an iced coffee and read them :-)

    8. I think it's a great idea! Can't wait to see the outcome!

    9. Hi Rachel,

      You are so motivated. I think that's a wonderful idea. I love these colors by the way. I think I prefer a magazine in print, but I am quite pleased with the new ones I have seen online.

    10. Oh, the colors are dreamy! I'll take a magazine any way I can get it, though I suppose hubby would prefer online so they aren't hanging around the house ;)

    11. this is gorgeous!

    12. i much prefer flipping through a real-life glossy. the online experience doesn't compare. lovely color combo!

    13. what a great idea - it will be beautiful!
      I like online mags for many reasons (like sharing lovely pics I find on my blog) but nothing beats an afternoon with my feet up, some relaxing tunes and flipping through a mag cover to cover.
      : )

    14. I do really like all the new online magazines but there's just nothing like holding those glossy pages in your hands! Have a great weekend, Rachel, and stop by if you have time for my new giveaway. It's a really good one. :)

    15. That is a great idea! Although I prefer the convenience of a magazine in my hand, and seem to be less distracted when I am reading a tangible magazine, I feel guilty about all of the paper used to make glossy magazines. Electronic magazines seem more environmentally friendly.

    16. sounds like a great idea! can't wait to see it :)

    17. i've downloaded a few online mags, but i really love to hold a tangible magazine in my hands. the different kinds of paper and anticipation of finding one on the newsstand (impulse buy) or in my mailbox. i'll always love print, but the online venues much like blogging do allow people to create something they might never have had the opportunity to do. i suppose at the end of the day i like both. not very helpful ;). enjoy your weekend!

    18. i'm not a huge fan of purple + blue but these shades are really quite lovely! happy weekend! xo.

    19. I have enjoyed visiting your blog so much. Thank you for letting me visit.

    20. love the purples and blues.......perfection!


    21. Beautiful!!

      A magazine is my hands is wonderful at bedtime or when I take a bath, but an online magazine is quite nice for visiting daily.

    22. love those shoes

    23. Lovely images...perfect!!

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