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    I don't think I have been paying enough attention to peachy oranges. Hopefully this post will redeem myself. :) These images together definitely make me think of Summer and how close it's coming up. It is already starting to feel like it here and I am dreading it a bit. I really love winter in Hawaii. The rain, cool weather is awesome and its never too hot and never too cold. I am already yearning for it to rain again. Its been too long. Crossing my fingers that I will get some soon. Have you started to feel summer your way?
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    Have a wonderful weekend!!

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    1. Lovely! To think I used to hate the colour orange... Now I'm so into it and I love wearing peachy corals on the face... Have a great weekend!

    2. Rachel, Those flowers are so lovely! xo

    3. Oh, dear, this is so lovely!And pictures are so dreamy!!! Have a great weekend also!

    4. That's so strange because I would have always put Orange well down the list of colours I love. These days I can't get enough of it! Weirdly I was convinced I might have a thing for orange when I noticed a colour theme going on with BMW motorbikes (of all things) that was Orange/Silver/Black. Thanks for this Rachel- you should do more of them!

    5. this is my favorite color!! i like your description of peachy ornange. not quite coral yet not to pale peach. add to that this vintage vibe you have going and viola, perfection!

    6. This is such a lovely collage!

    7. Lovely colours, nice and soft x

    8. love this color scheme - my absolute favorite* that rehearsal dinner card is to die! adding to my inspiration folder.
      have a lovely weekend! xx, jane

    9. Gorgeous selections!
      And I just love that color.

    10. oooh, love this! especially that 4th photo. what a gorgeous shade.

      xo Alison

    11. I am loving peach right now...so much that I am using it as my blog background:)
      Have a lovely weekend Rachel!

    12. I love all the peach!!! It rings summer to me so much!! So pretty!

      I'm grabbing your banner too!

    13. Summer came a little too quickly....and I sadly missed spring. We moved from the cold Northwest in Spring to Texas...which was more "summer" than I expected. Just shortly after we got here the 90's were in full bloom. But....I can handle it when looking at dreamy colors like peachy orange. Happy weekend!

    14. Hmmm...I LOVE this color! So lovely. Perfect for a sunny Friday. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! P.S. We feel in love with Maui! You are so lucky to live there!!

    15. not at all, we might not even have summer here hahahha
      Love this mood board, brought me some warm weather :) have a lovely weekend Rachel xoxo

    16. I too forget about this lovely color too! It's so beautiful paired with green. Summer is approaching fast and it gets really hot here...around 110 degrees...dry heat. I'm wishing spring would stick around a little longer. Have a wonderful weekend. ♥

    17. I am never sure of the colour orange and yet I often realise I have quite a few hues of it in my home. I do love it in nature though.
      Wish I could feel some of your summer vibes here in England as it is only just fully beginning to feel like Spring.

    18. I to am a convert to orange. I love orange and aqua together.

    19. Orange is my new favorite color for Summer!

    20. The illustration is just gorgeous, I'm off to check out her site and I love the peach/orange influence. So lush!

    21. Very pretty mood board - peachy orange is the perfect color for spring and summer (goes well with a tan!)

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