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    I have quite a lot of lovely shops to show you today with a springtime feel that I know you will adore!
    First up is afiori which belongs to Maria-Thérèse Andersson. She creates lovely notebooks and dreamy photography. She really does a wonderful job capturing life's beautiful moments.
    afiori Etsy Shop | Blog | Website | Facebook ______________________________________________________________
    Heather from Gathering Spriggs has an impeccable taste for beauty. I am always checking out her blog and items for more of it. She inspires me greatly! Here is a little peek into her pretty handmade shop!
    Gathering Spriggs Etsy Shop | Blog | Flickr | Facebook | Twitter ______________________________________________________________
    The Sweet William shop has an eclectic mix of art prints, dolls and paper goods made by two lovely sisters; Shelley (NZ), Paula (AUS). They live thousands of miles apart but still share a passion for all things creative. Talent must run in the family!
    Sweet William Etsy Shop | Blog | Flickr | Twitter ______________________________________________________________
    Another adorable shop is Sweet Gracies who sells one of a kind outfits for babies and children. She has even started to use vintage patterns for some of her sweet outfits. If I ever have a little girl I would love to dress her in this style!
    Sweet Gracies Etsy Shop ______________________________________________________________
    The style of The Wheatfield is so fun and outdoorsy. In Katie's shop you will find creations inspired by simple country pleasures, such as hiking in the woods, bathing in the creek & napping in a sea of prairie grass. Her sayings are great too!
    The Wheatfield Etsy Shop | Website | Flickr
    Thanks for checking out these gorgeous shops! Don't forget to heart your favorites on etsy! Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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    1. Thank you for this lovely feature! Nice to find other cool shops as well!

    2. Oooh, I love the work of Sweet William!

    3. I love ALL of these! I can't wait to go check them out!!

    4. spot on, of course, the little girl clothes are so adorable!

    5. I love all your finds! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely shops!

    6. Thank you, its so special to be part of a gorgeous collection - it really makes us do the happy dance!

    7. Sweet Gracies creates such marvelous wearables for children, how fun it must be to wear them; how fun to see children enjoying lovely clothes.

    8. It all looks so wonderful!

      Just came across your blog!

      It is lovely!


    9. All very inspiring for my day in garden I have planned.

    10. All gorgeous shops, I'm particularly in love with The Wheatfield!

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