• Mellow Monday: Vintage Closets

    One of the things that I am terrible at doing is hanging up my clothes. Of course I make sure I do with my nice things but my everyday clothes usually get thrown around the room. Its unfortunante because I absolutely love the feeling and look of all my clothes hung in a row. All the different patterns and textures all in one viewing. It really is quite a lovely sight. I am particularly fond of the lace, satin, floral, and the occasional polka dots peeking through!
    Row 1: anjalouise, heidiswanson Row 2: giac1061, allen_company_inc See the entire gallery HERE>>
    How good are you at hanging up your clothes? Any tricks to get in the habit? If you have any lovely closet photos please add them to the LC flickr group HERE>> Hope your Monday is treating you well!

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    1. Beautiful!
      Love the colours. It would be very interesting to look into these closet!

    2. your images always bring happiness Rachel thanks!! Have a nice week xo

    3. Those first two photos are beautiful. I am good about hanging up my clothes.. someone in this house has to be, (I have a 17 & 14 year old and forever am picking up clothes)!

    4. These all look so pretty, and organized ;)
      Have a great day!

    5. Oh, this makes me want to throw out the entire contents of my wardrobe and start again. So pretty.

    6. Oh too funny, I feel like just doing a quick check that I've done the right thing...inspiring photos :)

    7. Okay, don't hate me but I always hang up my clothes, organized by color in my closet (I will say my closet isn't near as beautiful as these are!)

      Happy Monday my dear!

      xo Cat

    8. These pictures are so lovely. I'm the same -- I'm terrible at hanging clothes but my wardrobe looks so pretty when it's tidy. I wish this would inspire me to be more organised!

    9. aw these are incredible

    10. Gorgeous wardrobe spaces and such dreamy pictures Rachel. I try to put my clothes on hangers as I iron them, that way it makes me hang them in the wardrobe.

    11. these pics are so pretty...such lovely wardrobes, you have just inspired me to rearrange my clothes

    12. Oh, such gorgeous pics! My closet certainly is not that pretty, I need to tuck away my winter woolies and pull out my breezy spring tops :)

      I am actually very good at putting away my clothes. My issue is folding things neatly instead of just stuffing them wherever they fit on the shelving unit in my closet, lol.

      Have a great week!!

    13. I do hang up my clothes, but my closet looks nothing like those above, wish it did though! Simply gorgeous!

    14. It's a good idea to hang clothes than fold it.

    15. Such beautiful closet images...love all of the textures. I wish I could help you out in this area but, I happen to be pretty bad at hanging my clothes up. I too like the look of all of my clothes in a row and nice & organized. It just doesn't always work out this way though. ♥

    16. what pretty closet pics! I just finished installing some closet organizers and it's transformed my life! : )

    17. I'll confess - I'm not good at hanging clothes up. I have a pretty extensive collection of sweaters and wraps, all of which get folded, so I guess I'm in the habit of folding everything.

      Gorgeous photos though!

    18. Blessings,

    19. I find myself in the same situation!! These are photos are entirely inspiring. I need to get to work... :)

    20. SO lovely. loving the vintage clothing. definitely inspires me to reorganize!

    21. I feel the very exact same way... my nice stuff is neatly organized and the rest is just folded in whatever order in my closet... mine is definitely not photo worthy! have a nice one!

    22. I love this! I love all the different colors and textures. I should start taking some pictures of all the vintage items in my closet ;)
      I'm also terrible at hanging my clothes up. I'll go for a few weeks of just taking things off the hangers and trying them on but I never put them back. Then I will have a fit of organization and put everything back... admire it for a few days, then go back to my old habits again. :)

    23. uhh such a beautiful color palette! I love vintage shopping!

      Hop on over to my blog for a giveaway in honor of my shop being featured on Etsy!!

    24. so perfct!

    25. this is a lovely collection! i have practically no closet space, so the clothes i use the most are on a rack on the wall in my bedroom. this calls for some serious colour coordinating so it doesn't look too messy... unfortunately, the only trick is to hang up every item the moment you take it off, even if you're too tired. it takes a bit of extra energy at night, but you get rewarded by not having to clear away heaps of stuff; plus by the look of a nice bedroom.

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