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    I have some very beautiful shops to show you today! Wont you scroll along with me? First up is the handmade and upcycled shop Violet Bella. Laura who is the creator is multi talented! She does everything from jewelry to darling apparel and even has a little photography shop. Her style is romantic and hip with a little edge and I am definitely digging on it!
    Violet Bella Etsy Shop | Blog | Flickr | Facebook ___________________________________________________________
    I love when you come across a vintage shop that shows the persons unique style. The Cottage Cheese is definitely one of them. There is this comfortable yet chic feel to all of her picks!
    The Cottage Cheese Etsy Shop | Blog | Facebook | Twitter ___________________________________________________________
    Another multi-talented woman is Brandi from Creative Bee! She not only makes pretty jewelry but she is an illustrator who creates lovely prints. I love the flowey hair in vibrant colors. So fun!
    Creativ*Bee Designs Etsy Shop | Blog | Website | Facebook | Twitter ___________________________________________________________
    If you've been to Nichole's blog Little Brown Pen you may be familiar with her wonderful Paris lifestyle. Her shop gives us a little peek into the life of someone who lives in this beautiful city. Her fantastic photography definitely makes me yearn for a visit!
    Little Brown Pen Etsy Shop | Blog | Flickr | Twitter ___________________________________________________________
    I admire people who can make things out of their hands with metals and tiny stones. I always felt it was too tedious so I can really appreciate the craftsmanship of a good jeweler. If your like me I think you will enjoy the work of Lynwood Jewellery. Its just exquisitely beautiful!
    Lynwood Jewellery Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter
    Thank you for visiting me today. See you tomorrow!

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    1. beautiful shops like always, fab!!

    2. Oh this is lovely. My personal style relates most to Violet Bella - turning linens into clothing; Oh how I love the hem on the brown one. And admiring pocket watches, guess who carries one? :D

      Appreciate all of the collections, and yes, wonderful style all.

    3. These are really a lovely bunch of clusters!! I love the vintage finds!! And I totally appreciate people who make jewelry as well, it's not easy!

    4. Always beautiful sellers! :)
      Thanks Rachel!

    5. thank you rachel! your blog is always so beautiful the way its laid out, im honored to be a part of lovely clusters!

    6. love the picks from the cottage cheese! i'm a sucker for vintage scarves and book covers... off to check out their shop. xx, Jane

    7. I have already opened each shop in new tabs, so eager to check them out. Look fantastic at a glance.

      Have a fab day!

    8. Oh, how I wish I had money to spent at Etsy shops!

    9. I am HUGE fan of Nicole's perpetual Paris calendar! Happy to see it here.

    10. sorry, that was the wrong link, haha. here's the correct link to my blog:http://steampunkdolls.blogspot.com

    11. i'm all shopped out, but i did enjoy scrolling through with you! i'll definitely keep these shops in mind hen i make more money

    12. Beautiful shops, indeed! I especially like Nichole's photos.

    13. Lovely to see Lynwood Jewellery appearing here - it's so pretty and delicate.

    14. Thanks for these introductions Rachel, love Little Brown Pen's blog!
      ps your Blogger Wishlist is up today, thx! :)


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